My name is Alex Camacho, I am the owner and designer of Acid Queen, a line of hand-fabricated, modern silver jewelry. My aesthetic is inspired by my interest in occult sciences, ancient cultures, armor, ritual adornments, and the vibrational energies found within crystals.

My design journey began as a hobby pairing bones, chains, charms, and crystals into one of a kind jewelry. My passion for creating more and taking my work to another level was ignited when taking classes at Baltimore Jewelry Center. There I learned everything from lost wax casting, stone setting, forging, to electroforming and more. Being in an environment filled with women of all ages creating beautiful art with their hands was an inspirational experience I won’t ever forget. Since then, I’ve continued to learn through self-taught study, and I’ll never stop seeking out opportunities to learn and grow my craft.

 I grew up in Los Angeles and have always been inspired by music and subculture. I studied Fashion Marketing and Merchandising at the Art Institute of Seattle and started making jewelry when I was working as the Marketing Coordinator and Web Sales Manager at the cult fashion brand Lip Service. I sold my first pieces through a simple display in my office window. I then moved to Baltimore to open Black Mess Records, a heavy metal record store, with my fiance. In Baltimore, I co-owned Black Mess for three years, worked for other fashion brands, and continued my jewelry design exploration before moving back to my hometown of Los Angeles.

All of my pieces are made using a variety of processes combining metals, gemstones, geometric patterns, and bones with new and ancient metalsmithing techniques to create a distinctive style that is emblematic of Acid Queen. I sell my work online, through a variety of retailers around the country, and at live events throughout the year.

 Each piece is handmade in my Los Angeles studio utilizing raw materials like sterling silver and natural cut gemstones. My dedication and attention to detail ensure a beautiful, exceptional, and long-lasting piece.