Circe's Amulet Necklace // Yellow Hematoid Quartz

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Circe was a Goddess of sorcery who was skilled in the magic of transmutation, illusion and necromancy. 

Her name is derived from the Greek verb kirkoô meaning "to secure with rings" or "hoop around" -- a reference to the binding power of magic. 

Each piece is hand fabricated in our Idyllwild, CA studio. Using Acid Queen’s signature technique, we build each piece in wax, cast in small batches, and hand finish to bring you wearable art that is bold, powerful and beautiful.
Size: 3"  T X 2.25" W
Chain: 16" Sterling Silver
Metaphysical Properties

Hematoid Quartz is a powerful chakra stone that can be used to balance the chakras. It has a strong resonance with the root chakra, and it can help to ground excess energies.

An excellent stone for grounding the energies of meditation, Hematoid Quartz possesses many metaphysical properties. It is said to both attract and repel energy when used in this way. Its ability to amplify the flow of life force energy in its vicinity makes it an excellent stone for physical stamina, vitality, and fertility enhancement, as well as unblocking stagnant energies within your body's meridian system.
Jewelry Care
Great care is taken to provide you with exquisite, high-quality work. We know you want to protect your investment, so please remember to remove your jewelry during strenuous activities, or while bathing or swimming.
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