Seeker Moon Necklace // Spider Web Obsidian

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Each piece is hand fabricated in our Idyllwild, CA studio. Using Acid Queen’s signature technique, we hand fabricate these pieces in small batches and hand finish them to bring you wearable art that is bold, powerful and beautiful.

Hand carved and cast necklace made of sterling silver which is darkened for a unique look

Measurements: 2.5" T X 3.5" W
Chain: 12" 
Metaphysical Properties

The ‘Stone of Self-Freedom’, allows the freedom for belief systems and faiths to be searched and followed, with the offers of guidance, security and an all round understanding.

Obsidian is a very secure and stable stone with its energy. It is like both the Mother and the Father in its role, knowing exactly where to use its offerings, and how best to help. A stone that works very well in shifting negativity and energy blockages, alongside its ability to remove the same thing from the being in life itself, whether on an physical, emotional or mental level. Obsidian does differ in its forms, yet it still contains the same undertones. 

Spider-web Obsidian supports an open mind to the many belief systems, faiths and followings that follow a universal role of having a positive Divine intervention. This Divine intervention can be in many forms, but always comes in that of Love and in that of Light.

Jewelry Care
Great care is taken to provide you with exquisite, high-quality work. We know you want to protect your investment, so please remember to remove your jewelry during strenuous activities, or while bathing or swimming.

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