Thangroridrim Illuminated Crystal Display Shelf // Tree Lines

Hand-crafted Thangorodrim Illuminated Crystal Display Shelf made with natural wood. These pieces are accented with hand-etched brass metal inlay featuring an abstract tree line pattern on the bottom and crop circle inspired art at the top point. Although extremely similar, each of these shelves are made by hand and will vary slightly. These small variations add to the uniqueness of each piece.


Thangorodrim was said to have been the piles of slag from Morgoth's furnaces and rubble from the delving of Angband, but at the same time they were solid enough to form sheer precipices; Maedhros was nailed to a cliff of Thangorodrim, and Húrin imprisoned on a high terrace. The tops of Thangorodrim perpetually smoked, and sometimes spewed forth lava. The three peaks of Thangorodrim functioned as furnaces for Morgoth's great smithies deep in Angband.


- Material: Western Poplar

- Dimensions: Approximately 14" L, 12" W, 3.5" deep

- Finish: Tan Drift Wood

- Battery operated LED lights

- Remote controlled

- 19 dimmable color options

- Wall-mount capability