You know that here at Acid Queen HQ, we love crystals and gemstones! They can do so many things, like amplify energy and promote positivity, but many stones and crystals will also absorb negative energy over time, growing a little stagnant and then not performing to the best of their capabilities.

Because of this reason, it's always a good idea cleanse the crystals in your home, as well as the crystals and gemstones in the jewelry you wear. We also recommended that you cleanse new stones, because it's likely they've been held by many people prior to you, and could be holding on to residual energy.

How often should you cleanse your crystals? If you wear them regularly, We recommend monthly or quarterly. As you attune to your crystals energy you will also be able to tell when it needs a cleaning.

There are many ways you can cleanse your gemstones, but we’ve listed our top four recommendations below. Enjoy and happy cleansing!

·        MOONLIGHT (Approximate time: 8 - 12 hours)

The moon has the ability to charge your stones with attributes.

Once per month, on the full moon, set your crystals outdoors or on a windowsill where it will be bathed in moonlight, and leave them out until morning. The moon cycle is a great regular reminder to keep your stones neat and tidy.

·        HERBS & PLANTS (Approximate time: 1 - 5 minutes)

This technique is quick and effective. Sage is an herb that is often used, however, white sage - a popular choice - is being over-harvested. You should try local sage, sage you grow yourself or other herbs to offer your crystals a thorough smoke cleanse. One of my favorite alternatives for cleansing is Palo Santo which I use in my daily meditation practice. 

Ignite herbs or wood with a flame, and then blow the flame out to create smoke. Move your crystals through the smoke to bring their energy system back to a neutral playing field. This is called smoke cleansing.

·        SALT (Approximate time: one hour +)

Cleansing with salt can apply to your crystals as well. Burying crystals in a bowl of sea salt or pink Himalayan salt, extracts the impurities from the crystals. You can even keep your stones sitting in salt to prevent them from absorbing any unwanted energy. Leave them for an hour or more.

Salt isn't for every stone and is not recommended for jewelry. If salt gets humid, it can liquify and cause the same problems that immersing the stone in water would. I would suggest not using the salt method for any stone with a water sensitivity or any stone that could get a shard of salt trapped within it.

·        CARNELIAN/SELENITE (Approximate time: zero)

Carnelian is a special stone that has special properties that keep its energy clean and can cleanse other stones placed with it. If you keep your crystals all together, keep a piece of carnelian tucked with them to keep them all as clean as possible.

Selenite can enhance the other stones it is with, while keeping them energetically charged and cleansed.


October 10, 2018 — Alex Camacho