Be bewitched by the magic of realms beyond our own.
The Coven collection draws on the power and fascination of the occult. Exploring divination and sorcery, every piece is imbued with enchantment.
Take charge of your fortunes with a tarot necklace, or indulge your desire for magick with witchcraft inspired designs.
Each hand-carved design spellbinds in sterling silver and carefully chosen gemstones.
Draw on the power of symbolism and stones, with a reminder there is far more to this world than we see...

These adornments are made-to-order, which means that the piece is not held in stock but will be crafted especially for you. Our usual production window is 1-3 weeks, but we do our best to get your pieces dispatched as soon as possible. Have questions? Need a specific size? Just contact us!