Acid Queen is an adornment for your physical self, communicating your strength and confidence.
Acid Queen is a talisman for your inner self, harnessing the power of stories and stones to guide your energy.
Acid Queen is an heirloom for your future self, handcrafted to journey the years with you.

Acid Queen is a tool for style and spirit.
Alexandra Camacho’s distinct aesthetic communicates your authentic, highest self.
One-of-a-kind and small batch jewelry elevates your confidence and identity, with remarkable design and materials.
Crafted with intuition and care, Alexandra’s conscious creation process births spellbinding jewelry.
Acid Queen feeds your power.
Individually chosen for their unique properties and beauty, the energy of colored gemstones feeds your own. Alexandra considers gemstones and crystals gifts from the earth, soaking up the power of nature in the thousands of years they take to grow.
Every design directs and amplifies the effect of gemstones and symbols. Wearing Acid Queen Jewelry elevates and empowers your spirit.
Acid Queen channels meaning and symbolism.
Extraordinary, storied jewels are infused with significance.  Each piece is layered with meaning for you to discover and draw on.
Alexandra’s perspective is shaped by an abundance of esoteric inspiration.
Her collections are an exploration and celebration of influences; folklore and myth, travel and spirituality, astrology and magic.
A note from the designer:
The birth of Acid Queen was adventitious and intuitive.
Looking back, I can still see myself sitting in my first, make-shift studio. Surrounded by bones, chains, and charms, I couldn’t divine where it would take me.
In the many years since, Acid Queen has transformed and grown thanks to my community. You understand the world as I do. You feed me with your energy and inspiration.
I see you, too, traveling through your day with purpose and strength.
The Acid Queen aesthetic draws on your desire for originality and authenticity. When you wear my jewelry it becomes a statement of your strength and self expression.
You appreciate the wonder and magic of the world and the beyond. Celebrating our shared fascination with mysticism and illusion, my designs draw on ever-changing inspiration.
My work evolves with and for you. We elevate each other. Thank you for joining me in this world, and on this journey together.
With love and intention,