VIP shopping happens twice a month with our “one of a kind” shop updates. To get access to these items and to be notified about any shop updates you must be on our VIP ‘Inner Circle’ mailing list. To sign-up to our mailing list you can simply pop your info into the pop-up on our site, our form at the bottom of our page or click here. Please note that website “memberships” and “VIP shopping” are separate things, so if you want access to both you must sign-up for both. 

Dates for our updates are announced in our emails, and the info will always be available in  the bio of our Instagram profile as well as the announcement bar at the top of our homepage. Sneak peeks are sent via email… we promise this is the best place to get the most up to date information from us, but they will also be posted on Instagram and Facebook as well as in our Instagram stories.

Our one-of-a-kind shop updates happen twice a month and are only accessible via this shopping page. You need to be on our mailing list and ready to shop at the time they go live.

How does VIP shopping work?

Items in each update will be in the VIP section for 1hr and after that time all remaining pieces will be moved to the main site. Updates typically sell out within the first 2 hrs so you need to be on the list to access our secret shopping page and the updates when it goes live.