What is VIP Shopping?

VIP shopping happens twice a month with our “one of a kind” shop updates. To get access to these items and to be notified about any shop updates you must be on our mailing list. To sign-up to mailing list you can simply pop your info into the pop-up on our site or at the bottom of our page. Pleases note that website “memberships” and “VIP shopping” are separate things, so if you want access to both you must sign-up for both. 

When do monthly updates happen?

‘One of a kind” shop updates happen twice a month. To access these you will need to be on our mailing list. Dates for these updates will be on our announcement bar on our website, as well as in our Instagram profile. Sneak peeks are posted on Instagram and Facebook as well as in our stories on Instagram. 

How can I shop the newest pieces?

As mentioned above, these updates happen twice a month and are only accessible via our VIP shopping page. You need to be on our mailing list and ready to shop at the time they go live.

How does VIP shopping work?

Items in each update will be in the VIP section for 1hr and after that time all remaining pieces will be moved to the main site. Updates typically sell out within the first 2 hrs so you need to be on the list to access our secret shopping page and the updates when it goes live.

How will I know when new items are coming?

The best way to know what’s going to be in our updates is to follow us on socials. We post all sneak peeks in our stories and in our feed posts the week of each update and a sneak peek and details email is always sent the day before a release. 


What is the AQJ Rewards Membership?

The rewards membership is different from our VIP list and allows you to track orders, leave reviews, and get points towards purchases. 

What can I do with the AQJ Rewards Membership?

The rewards membership is for anything on the website, but it is different from our VIP list. Points can be earned by placing orders, leaving reviews,  following us on socials, referring friends and much more. 

How do I join the AQJ Rewards Membership?

On the bottom left of any of our pages you will see a grey bubble that says "Earn Free Jewels" , from here you select Join Now, enter all required information and you'll be ready to go! 

Is the AQJ Rewards Membership free?

YES! Our AQJ Rewards Membership is totally free for our customers. 

Is it the same as VIP “Inner Circle” Shopping?

It is not the same, please see our VIP “Inner Circle” shopping section for more information.


How are items shipped?

All items are shipped USPS First class, USPS Priority mail, or UPS ground, depending on what you choose. All items are insured for the amount of the purchase price, excluding shipping. 

When will my items ship?

Made to Order items have a production time of 2-3 weeks. These item will ship as soon as they're completed and you will receive an email to confirm shipping and tracking at that time. Your order will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail, USPS Priority, USPS Priority express, or UPS ground depending on your chosen method and will arrive within 2-5 business days from the date it is shipped. If it is an international order it may take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

One of a Kind items are available immediately and will ship within 3-5 business days from the date of purchase. Items will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail, USPS Priority, USPS Priority express, or UPS ground depending on your chosen method and will arrive within 2-5 business days from the date it is shipped. If it is an international order it may take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Are shipments insured?

Yes all shipments are insured for the amount of the item, excluding shipping charges. If your package is lost or damaged in transit, we are able to file a claim, so please contact us immediately and take photos. We are not responsible for any packages lost or stolen after a delivery has been made and insurance will not cover these items. 

What do I do if my shipment is delayed or seems to be lost?

Once your item is shipped, the control is out of our hands. If you have questions about your shipment after it has left our studio you will need to check tracking and then call USPS/UPS or visit your local office. They will be able to provide much more up to date information than we can. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, but are happy to help if you have questions or need guidance. Please contact us if you need to file a claim.


In many cases, your country may impose customs/import fees on items shipped from the US. These charges are unavoidable and we have absolutely no control over when or how much they charge. If you are an international customer, please check with your country's guidelines and fees before placing an order as we will not cancel an order based on these charges. We also will not change or embellish our customs forms as that is illegal. 


Are returns or exchanges accepted?


To avoid any issues, PLEASE read our product descriptions thoroughly. We work very hard to measure each piece and write clear and concise descriptions that contain the information necessary to avoid issues and allow you to make an informed purchase.  Please be aware of your size, desired chain lengths, etc. and be thoughtful about the pieces you are interested in before ordering our jewelry. Most issues are easily avoided by a thorough read of the item's listing and examination of the photos, and as mentioned in each listing you are able to contact us at anytime regarding sizing, shape, size, etc.
Please note that we do not allow returns or exchanges based on buyer's remorse,  unless it is an issue on our end or the product is damaged, please make sure you send photos and can explain the issue, we are happy to help.
We do honor exchanges within 7 days of the arrival of your piece. Exchanges are subject to a $25 restocking fee and you are responsible for shipping it back to us. Exchanges must  be approved by us, so please contact us with any issues. 
If you are truly dissatisfied with your purchase or there was a mistake on my end, please contact me and we can discuss the best option to move forward. It is so important to me that my customers are thrilled with each and every purchase from me, and I'm willing and ready to resolve any issues to the best of my ability.

Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your order. We are happy to work with you on any issue and hope to provide only the best customer service. Please email us at contact@acidqueenjewelry.com or visit our contact page.

What do I do if I receive my order and its damaged?

If you receive your order and the item is damaged, please contact us immediately with photos in daylight if possible. We will file a claim with our Insurance company and I will send you a return label to fix or replace the item.

I ordered a ring but its the wrong size, what can I do?

It is up to you as the customer to make sure you are ordering the right size ring as all sales are final. If you have questions about sizing you are always welcome to contact us to ask. If this was an issue on our end, we will need to wait to get it in to double check the sizing, if it was our mistake we will fix it free of charge and will refund the shipping you paid to get it to us. However if we determine, the sizing issue was on your end, please read below. 

Wrong size on a made-to-order item: If you ordered the wrong size by accident, you can exchange it for another size. There is a $25 restocking fee + Shipping and you are responsible to pay to get it back to us. It's a 2-3 week turn around time depending on availability.

Wrong size on a one-of-a-kind Ring: If you ordered a one of a kind ring from one of a our releases and its the wrong size you have 3 options. If it's just a little snug (1/4 size), we can see if its possible to hammer out the band, that can be done free of charge but you need to pay to get it back to us. If its the wrong size (1/2 size or higher) there is a $50 fee to resize it. If you don't want to keep it you are also able to exchange it for a $25 restocking fee and you will be issued a credit to use towards something else.


When do you re-stock items?

We restock our “Home” and “Coveted Essentials” items every month. Items may not be restocked for several weeks if we are waiting on stones to arrive or other materials. 

Will I be notified if I ask to be notified when an item comes back in stock?

If you hit the little button and ask to be notified, you should receive an email at the time items are restocked. If you have a specific question about something, you are always welcome to contact us.

You have a ring available but you don’t have the size I need, what should I do?

Hit the button to be notified and also send over an email if its a specialty size. 


For any other questions, comments or concerns please email us at contact@acidqueenjewelry.com or visit our contact page.

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