It’s all really surreal. This whole COVID-19 thing. Activities, events and businesses are being closed, postponed and cancelled. Companies are requiring employees to telework. “Social Distancing” is a term most of us have probably never even heard before. It feels like we’ve pushed the “pause” button on everyday life, indefinitely. Understandably it’s stressful, and unnerving. All of the uncertainties and unknowing of it all. And while most of us have never experienced this exact situation, we’ve all probably experienced panic or fear. The problem is, fear-based decision making, or being overcome by panic, is not going to fix anything. The only way we’re going to move past this worldwide crisis, is through kindness, patience and positivity. Stay calm and look out for one another.

 Turning my focus outward to help others, always brings me to a space of peace and joy. A simple smile, saying hello, offering a genuine compliment or holding a door for someone is an easy (and free) way to spread kindness. But when we’re all told to stay home and isolate ourselves, it’s even more challenging to band together. So, I’ve been thinking about what I can do, given the current situation, to help my friends, my fellow business owners, artists and service industry providers who may be feeling an impact on their livelihood right now. Here’s what I came up with:


  • Checking in on friends to see how they’re doing, especially if they are stressed about not being able to work. I know we can’t “fix” things, but sometimes just a call or text to say ‘hi’, maybe share a laugh, and let someone know they’re not alone in this.
  • We’re probably all spending more time online, surfing the web or on social media. How about sharing a friend’s small business, product or website online. Small business owners are going to feel the greatest pinch through all of this.
  • Buying gift certificates for locally-owned businesses to use later, when we get past this crisis (we ARE going to get past it). Local restaurants, hair salons and boutiques are all perfect gifts to celebrate with later.
  • You still have to eat, so if restaurants are open (many are limiting to online/phone orders right now) order take out or delivery to help boost them a little (and TIP your delivery people!)
  • Gift something beautiful to a friend who is feeling really down or anxious.
  • Remember to take care of yourself too. Try to relax with a good book, a favorite Netflix binge or a warm bubble bath.
  • And of course, after you’ve tried all of the above, there’s always retail therapy, which ALWAYS works!


In this same spirit of community and giving back, this week we’re running a sale to make your retail therapy a no brainer. Help others in need while also practicing self care. We’re donating a percentage of every order to someone in need, and because there are SO many people to help, i've asked my community to nominate their friends, family and selves.. you can check it all out here. I believe every little touch, and every small gesture, goes a long way to help ease stress and anxiety, especially when life is uncertain. If we all just do one thing each day, to help our communities, we’ll be on the other side of this crisis, and we’ll all be better for it.

I love you all and stay strong xoxo




March 19, 2020 — Alex Camacho