For many, doing something just for you can often feel selfish and a bit too indulgent, but trust me… it’s so good for you! In fact, I would venture to say it’s a necessity for caring for your own mental health and happiness. As the wise RuPaul says... “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?” I mean even on the airplane they tell you to help yourself first!

So, this Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to put yourself on your gift list too.

Take yourself out to dinner, buy yourself flowers, get that massage, or better yet (in my opinion), treat yourself to the gift of a piece of jewelry that inspires and empowers you to live in your magic, every single day! 

No matter who you’re shopping for this Valentine’s Day, we’ve made it easy to give and receive the perfect gift for every archetype with our 2024 Acid Queen Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! 

Important Dates

Friday, January 26th: Last day to place orders for 'Made to Order' Jewelry for Valentine's Day arrival. If you have questions, Contact Us HERE
Saturday, February 3rd: First Mini One-of-a-kind Collection "Love Potion" arrives at 10AM Pacific - Be on the look out for sneak peeks!
Friday, February 9th: Last day to place orders for 'Ready to Ship' Jewelry for Valentine's Day arrival