As I sat at my first make-shift jewelry table, surrounded by bones, chains and charms scattered everywhere, I never dreamed my part-time jewelry hobby would have grown into my full-time passion, Acid Queen Jewelry. 

Inspired by my thoughtful clients who elevate me with their energy, my work has evolved into one-of-a-kind wearable art. Over many years, I’ve learned from you, and also through formal classes and self-education, taking every opportunity to improve my craft. 

My visual aesthetic celebrates your passion for mysticism and illusion, through a strong sense of design and by amplifying the energy of each gemstone. Each piece is like a protective shield, empowering you to be strong, accomplish amazing things, and walk through life each day with confidence in your true purpose.

Beauty exists in the natural imperfections of life. Through my deep connections with my customers (like you), my work has been transformed, intent on celebrating those imperfections, in ourselves and others. My methods of working, which I love, have developed over time, and have taught me patience and acceptance, through the process of jewelry making and within myself.  

My clients have inspired my creativity, and have been a part of the evolution of Acid Queen Jewelry, making it that much more special. You are empowered and powerful…

 It’s not enough just to combine design elements and stones. All of my pieces are made in small batches, using a variety of processes. By combining metals, gemstones, inspiration from sci-fi, art deco and geometry, with both new and ancient metalsmithing techniques, I’m able to create a style that is distinctly Acid Queen Jewelry. Distinctly you.

Each piece is thoughtfully crafted, with you in mind, and infused with love and intention to match your high vibration. My attention to detail is key, to ensure a beautiful, and exceptional piece, that you will love and treasure forever.