Acid Queen Jewelry is a direct expression of the fire that burns so fiercely in my heart for our natural, majestic world. My immersion in the beautiful California landscape was the awakening that led me to my eco-conscious, vegan lifestyle; this is the cornerstone of the one-of-a-kind pieces I create for you.

Our jewelry embodies bold femininity while capturing the primal elements of the sun-kissed coastlines, breathtaking mountainscapes, and vast deserts. Our unique, high-quality stones and craftsmanship are not only designed to inspire but also to show gratitude to our divine planet.

Our mission to protect and cherish Earth is fulfilled with every handcrafted piece we create. All of our designs are made from recycled metals and responsibly sourced stones and are packaged with intention and minimal materials to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Acid Queen Jewelry thrives on the foundation of the sustainability movement. With every order you place, you’re playing an active role in that. We partner with Greenspark, so every purchase you make from us sponsors ocean clean-ups and reforestation efforts for a profound impact on environmental conservation. 

We want to thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for supporting this journey. Together, we can continue to carry the spirit of Earth through pieces that empower you to show up beautifully and imperfectly - just the way nature intended.