The Holiday season always reminds me of the importance of tradition. The oxford dictionary defines Tradition as "The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on this way". Traditions are not tied to any one specific religion or sets of beliefs, it's the way in which we pass them on to others that makes a tradition what it is. They also have a way of tying us back to ourselves and our ancestors, they define who we are what we hold near. So that means that when we feel it necessary, we can shed them when we feel they no longer serve us and make new ones that bring magic and love into our lives. Regardless of what spiritual practice you follow, I hope that you were able to soak in the togetherness we feel during this time of the year and have even made some of your own traditions to share with your friends and family. 

Last year, these thoughts were swirling in my head, and I was in a place where I was seeking something to hold onto, creatively speaking that is. I had just completed a whirlwind of a year, I was overwhelmed and felt lost in my designs, I had so many ideas but I felt as though I needed an anchor point, something stable I could draw from rather than feeling like I was just floating in space. As a true Libra, I find it hard to make decisions, I know what I like and what I don't like, I can narrow it down to the final three and then i'm just stuck, and that's when I let my intuition shine. So back to last year... I was in a place of seeking and searching for something that would come through to make it all make sense.

When I'm in that place of searching and i'm relying on my intuition to lead the way, it's important that I intentionally open my ears and my heart. I started to listen to new podcasts and I opened old books, just waiting for something to spark. Then it happened, not only was I seeking something that would fulfill what I needed for my business, but for myself as well, and realized that I had been called upon by the Goddesses. 

I did not know what this themed series would look like, but I began planning. I asked my community for what goddesses they wanted to be featured and learned the basics of each one to place them in the calendar. I started the series off with Hecate, because she was the one I was most familiar with and I wanted to see how this would all go. By the end of the year I was drained from research but so fulfilled by all the knowledge and insight I had gained. Each Goddess brought something new to the table and taught me so much, they held me up, they humbled me, they helped me recognize my power and my worth, and through it all I was able to share that journey with you and connect with my customers on a level that brought even more abundance to my life. 

Although, it did create a push and pull because while I was diving into the Goddesses, I also wanted to incorporate the Zodiac, and I think by trying to do it all, I failed by not being able to truly offer what I wanted to. Towards the end of the year I racked my brain for what could be my next years theme, should it be fantasy and sci-fi? Should I dive deep in to fandoms? Should I go back to seasons? But the whole time it was right in front of my face, the Zodiac. 

Our 2023 Zodiac series will be an exploration into everything Zodiac, from history to folklore, colors, associated stones, and more. What lies behind what we see in the horoscopes in the back of the magazine? What does It really mean to be a 'Capricorn'? This year we will dive into all things Zodiac, filtered through our lens of jewelry and design. I am so excited about this series, It's something i've personally spent a lot of time exploring last year and can't wait to dive in more. Of course I am no expert, so I have enlisted our 'In House' Astrologer, Emily Greene to help me.

With that being said, our 'What's in the Stars' - Astrological Forecast Series will also be seeing some changes. Rather than focusing on each planetary transitions in a month, we will be focusing more on the energies of the season as it pertains to the Zodiac. The 'Horoscope' for the month will now be focused on what Zodiac we are featuring. We have chosen to go with the month that has the most days of that particular sign. January is Capricorn, February Aquarius and so on. Each horoscope will resonate most with those who have that sign as their Sun sign, but can be beneficial to those who have it anywhere in their "Big Three",  What do I mean by big three? Your Sun, Moon and Rising sign. 

Sun Sign: Is your main Zodiac sign- it is the essence of your personality

Moon Sign: Is your emotional Nature

Rising Sign or Ascendant: Is the face you show to the world. 

Don't know your Big Three? CLICK HERE

Whether you are an Astrological master, or diving into it for the first time, learning more about the Zodiac isn't about learning hard facts about ourselves, it's about creating a deeper connection to our very beings and choosing, with intention, how we move through life. 

I have always been fascinated by the Zodiac, in the beginning it always seemed super overwhelming with a lot of information; names, numbers and planets, like "how do these people remember everything?"... and trust me, I still struggle with it!  But the more I learned about it, the more I felt connected to myself and the people around me. 

The Zodiac was created 2500 years ago in Babylon, by the Chaldean people. Long-ago civilizations throughout Africa, the Islamic lands, Asia and South America, documented their study of stars and planets and created a shared interconnected mythology. 

Doing these series is our new tradition, It's our way of creating something that everyone can all follow along with and participate in, something that inspires, educates and connects us all. I hope you are as excited about this as I am!


AQJ Team




January 03, 2023 — Alex Camacho