When thinking of Capricorn Season and the important role she plays, I see her as the bridge between two chapters, as she closes out the previous year and carries us into the next. The symbolic alignment of the Sun’s entrance into Capricorn and the northern hemisphere's Winter Solstice, is an energy that is undoubtedly ingrained into the fabric of her essence. 

 During this season of darkness, Capricorn begins the process of what’s to come, utilizing the power of her cardinal energy to push us through this shadowy, gloomy, time of year. Without the full power of the Sun to fuel us, Capricorn becomes the light, teaching us how to generate the flames, from the fuel of our own ambition. 

 Anyone with strong Capricorn energy, can relate to the shared experience of difficult lessons that began early on in life, which attributes to why she’s known as the wisdom keeper of the zodiac. It’s through her navigation of obstacles + restrictions that has created the strength of her resilience.

 This is the Season that teaches us about the power of self-control and what it means to stay driven towards our goals, even when the setbacks or obstacles block out the light at the end of the tunnel. She understands trial and error, using her practicality and logic to build a new way when the previous attempt falls short. 

 To have Saturn as your planetary ruler is by no means easy. Saturn is the timekeeper, the distributor of karma, life lessons and the authority of the zodiac. It’s no wonder that Capricorn’s diligence and responsibility speak to her uncanny ability to create structure where there was once none. 

 Capricorn Season is about demonstrating the wisdom we’ve gained, not just from this past year, but from all the lessons we’ve been acquiring throughout our life. This is the Season for connecting to our strength, which requires us to embrace solitude and stillness, in between the hard work.  

 The spirit of this energy reminds me of those gigantic trees that stand bare during winter. Fully exposed to the elements, but yet manage to be unwavering despite the harsh weather. Even though you can’t see any evidence of life, you have this understanding that the trees are capable of persevering the abrasiveness, and that life is still happening, even if it takes a season to see it in physical form. Just like the rings of Saturn, the trees also have rings, keeping track of time and growing their wisdom. 



December 22, 2022 - January 19th, 2023


The Sun transits your 1st house of self, bringing revitalizing energy towards your conscious aims and urge to achieve. This is the beginning of a new personal cycle, and the confidence you feel makes it the perfect time to bring those new plans and ideas into fruition. Your discipline and hard work is visible to everyone right now.

 Since the first week of December, you’ve been thinking logically and focused on saying what you mean and meaning what you say, especially in regard to how you make money, and what you do for work. With Mercury retrograde in your sign until 1/18, you’re feeling this more than any other sign, as you are asked to review mindsets, communication styles, practical details or relationship issues that need to be revised. Achievement is on the way but first you need to smooth out the wrinkles and do your due diligence as you lay the groundwork for 2023. It’s okay to move slowly right now in the name of being thorough.

 When it comes to your relationships, values and finances, you’ve been reaffirming what truly matters to you, with the understanding that anything worth committing too, takes patience, hard work and reciprocation. Since you’ve been focused on bringing more pleasure into your life, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the extra attention. 

This energy continues, as Venus moves into your 2nd house on January 2nd, making relationship and financial security a top priority. Creative and social settings can be a great way to market yourself, especially with this boost to your self-esteem. Just watch out for overspending. By the 18th, you really start to find power in your stride as energetic obstacles start clearing. Keep planting those seeds because things will really start moving for you by the beginning of March. 

 On January 12th, Mars stations direct in your 6th house of health, work and routines, making it easier for you to manage your energy in a less fragmented way. If there have been issues around health or work, the increase of your energy gives you the push you need to address them. 

 As Jupiter moves through your 4th house you can expect this beneficial energy to bring abundance to your home and family life. From now until the middle of May, there is expansion, luck (possibly even inheritance) that surrounds these themes. 

 It’s no secret that you’ve been through years of intense renewal and rebirth, that has left you transformed on a soul level. After all the upheaval, you’re ready to be seen for all that you’ve become as you step into this next era of personal power. Happy Birthday to our Capricorn Queens!

All my best, Emily Greene - Intuitive Astrologer

Capricorn: Zodiac Stones + Lucky Stones

Capricorn Zodiac Stone: Dec 22 - Jan 20 : Ruby: Encourages passion and zest for life, It improves motivation and goal setting. 

Practical and prudent, ambitious and disciplined, patient and careful, humorous and reserved. 

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January 03, 2023 — Alex Camacho