Sometimes I wish there were 3 of me. I’m only joking. Kinda. Thanks to my amazing customers, Acid Queen is thriving, and I’m busier than ever, doing what I love. That will never change, but I also always want to be growing. As an artist, but also growing my business. Recently, I began to take a more serious look at how I could evolve, and grow, while staying true to my values as an artist and business owner.


The Challenge…

 How do I grow my business without cloning myself? One thing I know for sure, is that outsourcing my jewelry production is out of the question. This is super important to me. The entire process, from design concept, to finishing, is something I hold near and dear to my heart. It’s more than “just” jewelry to me, it’s personal, it’s my art. I’d never feel right having someone else set my stones or finish my pieces, the energy that’s put into each one is too precious. But what else is there?

 Acid Queen started with jewelry, and we will always be creating wearable art. No doubt. But, I began to think, why limit Acid Queen only to jewelry? Why not infuse that same magical, mystical, ethereal vibe into art for your house, office or studio? I wondered, could I actually do this? When I started imagining pieces that not only compliment your life, but also enhance your space as well, I had my answer. Yes!

 Feeling like I was on the right path, I polled my customers to learn what other items they would love to see. My clients provided a lot of awesome feedback, which I used to develop the first few pieces of our NEW Home Decor and Living product line. 


Creation + Development…

 When expanding a business like this, there are so many things to consider, but I knew that whatever direction I went in, I still wanted to create unique art and products while also supporting other women owned businesses. Another dilemma was, where will I find these products? One route would have been to sell art from other artists on my website. Instead I made the decision to collaborate with other artists, creating items that are unique and special to my brand. This is my way of giving back, and supporting other artists while creating more beauty in the world.

Initially, I’ll be adding some laser-cut wood pieces, featuring commissioned art from my dear friend Heidi Sandhorst of Dark Age Tattoo in Seattle, WA. You’re gonna fall in love with her work! I’ll also be working with two other women-owned businesses from my small mountain town (Idyllwild, CA)  including signature candles made by Wax Apothecary and ceramic art from Mountain Pottery. I couldn’t be more honored to collaborate with these amazingly talented artists.


 Keep Your Eyes Peeled…

 The soft launch, including a handful of these items, will be Friday September 25th, which also happens to be my birthday! Until then, keep your eyes peeled for sneak previews of new items. I’m SO excited for launch day, and to bring these artists into the Acid Queen brand. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!





September 18, 2020 — Alex Camacho