At 7-years old, I found my life’s work. Ok, maybe not, but I remember vividly, collecting jasmine flowers from around my yard, grinding and smashing them up, and combining them with my mom’s fancy perfume (sorry mom).

Long before I knew what aromatherapy was, I’ve surrounded myself with things that smell good. As I learned more about aromatherapy, it became an everyday practice, using essential oils, incense and candles, to set my mood and calm my soul. It’s a practice so ingrained in me, and my life, I never question its validity or effectiveness.

 Aromatherapy, by definition refers to the practice of inhaling, or applying essential oils for therapeutic purposes, or to enhance a feeling of well-being. The word aromatherapy, came from the French word aromathérapie, and was coined by chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé (1881-1950). So, while the practice of aromatherapy may have grown in recent years, its roots go back more than a century.

Our sense of smell, can instantly take us back to another point in time, more so than any of our other senses. I remember being taken to my first apothecary where we mixed and matched essential oils to make our own blends. They also sold all kinds of magical tools, as well as herbs and teas in bulk. Before then, I never knew a place like this existed. It opened my eyes to a whole new magical world of plant-based medicine and herbal healing. That was the beginning of my practice, using the gifts from mother earth, to heal, soothe, calm, awaken and uplift.

If you visit me at home, at any time of day, you’ll find aromatherapy in many different forms. I have a variety of incense, tools, oil diffusers, and more candles than I can count. During the winter, one of my favorite things to do is put our old cast iron pan on the wood stove and fill it with water and essential oils, not only does it humidify the dry winter air, but cinnamon and pine? Yes please!  It’s amazing to me how scents can evoke feelings and ambiance.

I can’t help but share my love of essential oils and aromatherapy magic with my friends and family, and now I get to share it with you! This was the number one inspiration while creating the Acid Queen Mood Candles, which includes hand-poured candles, made by Wax Apothecary, local artisans here in Idyllwild, CA. I developed each candle, in my favorite scents, both to enhance and inspire a particular mood and feel, and to share with you part of my practice, and how I use each one...

Grounding + Tranquility: Patchouli, Lavender and Pumpkin - The earthy and nostalgic scent of patchouli, combined with bright fresh lavender and the warmth of pumpkin spice helps to encourage calmness and clarity. Meant to both ground and bring a sense of peace. I wear this scent as an essential oil and also add it to my oil diffusers. It’s my signature scent, and brings me a sense of calm while also feeling powerful. I also love it for use in grounding rituals. 


Cleanse + Clear:  Palo Santo, Clary Sage and Lemon - With hints of earthy pine from Palo Santo, a nutty, herbaceous, clary sage and bright, fresh lemon. Meant to clear out your space of negative or weird energies. If you’re in a funk, this is the perfect scent to put you back where you need to be, and allow new positive energy to flow. The sage and palo Santo clear, while the lemon brings a bright energy. Perfect for cleansing or clearing rituals.

Relax + Balance: Geranium and Cedarwood - The sweetness of geranium, paired with the earthy cedarwood aroma of bark, and berries, brings you to a state of balance and relaxation. Meant to help you calm and then collect. Perfect after a long day, while you’re in the bath or meditating. 


Revive + Create: Bergamot, and Sandalwood - Bright with a citrus scent, the bergamot is matched with the sweet, floral Ylang Ylang. Combined with the deep woody scent of sandalwood, this candle will revive your energy and create new awareness. Best used in the morning or when you’re about to start a creative project. Perfect for new moon or abundance rituals. 


Not sure where to begin? My candles are the perfect introduction to aromatherapy, as each one was carefully and thoughtfully developed. Pick one scent or purpose, and start there! 







November 18, 2020 — Alex Camacho