Since I was about 7 or 8 years old I have been obsessed with crystals and minerals. I remember going into the Discovery store with my parents after a movie and running to the display of gemstones which you could buy and place into these little velvet pouches. I would run my hands and fingers through the display filled to the brim with quartz, rose quartz, pyrite (my favorite at the time), agate and much more. I remember seeing geodes and being in complete awe that behind their rough exteriors, there were magical worlds inside filled with sparkle and wonder. I still have my first "rock" collection, and no surprise, the same gemstones I loved as a child are the ones I still use today.

But to me, the most magical thing is that these beautiful gems came from the planet we live on, often times found in the deepest caverns, they hold thousands or even millions of years of the Earth’s history and energy within them. Because of this, many people refer to crystals as "stone people" or "wisdom keepers". While healing crystals seem to be having a moment in popular culture, Ancient civilizations have worked with the energy of the Earth since the beginning of time and I, along with many others, believe they are still an extremely powerful tool today.

To some, crystals and crystal healing can seem a bit out there or "woo-woo" if you will, but from years of experience with working with them and using them in my jewelry, I have had an amazing experience as well as countless customers tell me how crystals have helped to ground them, heal them and help to shift their energy. We as humans have different needs at different times. Just like the way we choose what supplements or vitamins we take, choosing the right crystals depends on who and where we are in that moment. So how do we know which crystals are right for us?

In my experience with selling gemstone jewelry a customer will often have a "this is it" feeling the minute they lay eyes on a certain piece. But sometimes I have to show them a variety of pieces before they feel they can connect with one. Even if two crystals might look similar in color, shape, and size, it does not mean that they will have the same energetic effect on you.

Like people, each crystal is unique and has a different story to tell. For instance, Rutilated Quartz puts off an exceptionally high level of energy, and is said to bring physical and mental balance and stability. It can also enhance self-reliance and can aid with decision-making. On the other hand Moss Agate can help to release old habits and promote forgiveness.  It also attracts wealth and abundance, improves self-esteem, and helps to calm and release fears.

When shopping for crystals or gemstone jewelry, it's important to let the stone speak to you and let your intuition guide you, rather than choosing a stone just based on it's metaphysical properties. More often than not, the crystal you are drawn to visually will possess the exact energy that you need. You can even play a little game to test this theory out. You can go into a physical shop or simply browse through the designs we have available here. See which pieces and stones stand out to you the most, then after that, read the description of what properties they possess. I can guarantee you'll be both shocked and pleasantly surprised!

February 20, 2019 — Alex Camacho