Last week we were out in the springtime sun-washed, poppy blooming hillsides of the Southern California high desert shooting our newest photoshoot! With a beautiful day, clothing from Opal Moon Designs, a gorgeous model and weather that was magical, it truly was a perfect day and we are ecstatic about sharing this shoot with all of you. Check out a few sneak peeks on our instagram HERE.

By now, you know my favorite thing about crystals is that they are created by our planet. Anytime a rare Earth event occurs, I think about these incredible pieces and the history, energy, and power they convey. This season of transition from late winter and into spring is a significant time for our Earth and celestial surroundings. The Spring Equinox, Full Moon, and celebrations of Ostara and Mabon all signify rebirth and the emergence of new life.

Each piece I design has a connection to crystal energy, ancient cultures, or metaphysical healing - sometimes all of the above - which means I do a lot of research and reading. Today I want to highlight 3 stones I love to work with in this time period of new beginnings. I also will tell you a little about how these 3 magical stones relate to a natural or cultural event during this transitional season.

Clear quartz is among the most abundant minerals in the world and can be found on every continent. Because of this, it's tied to the mythology of many ancient cultures worldwide. Some thought it to be permanent ice that wouldn't thaw, or a symbol for space and patience. Some even considered it to be a sentient being and offered it food and gifts out of respect. Related to our current season, cultures in both Australia and South America believed quartz crystal to be the guiding stone for a cosmic serpent, the creator of life. Check out our Clear quartz pendulum necklace available in our Set+Forged collection.

An equinox is the instant of time when the plane of the Earth's equator intersects the center of the Sun. The first of two equinoxes occurs around March 20, just a few days ago. In the northern hemisphere, this equinox is called the Vernal or Spring Equinox, marking the first day of Spring and a season full of rebirth.

Moonstone is a dreamy, ethereal stone channeling the moon and its power to push and pull the tides. Moonstone is a symbol of life-giving femininity. It's believed to give us a sense of increased intuition and help us to cleanse negative emotions that hold us back from moving forward anew. Moonstone is also thought to be incredibly powerful in opening the heart chakra and encouraging us to go with the flow of nature. Each Cygnus Ring I make is adorned with a carefully set moonstone charged with these properties. It is available in our shop as part of the Celestial collection. In addition we also love using moonstone in our One of A Kind jewelry.

Only a few hours after the Vernal Equinox of 2019, we saw a Full Super Worm Moon! What does that mean? A full moon occurs when the moon is precisely opposite the Earth from the Sun. A super moon occurs when the moon reaches perigee, the point at which it's closest to Earth, and therefore appears a bit larger than usual. The worm moon's name comes from the ground becoming warmer and moist, prompting the return of earthworms and with them, birds. It is quite extraordinary for all of these to occur at one time.

While some other stones encourage a firm grounding in the Earth, Labradorite helps us keep our head in the clouds or seek a more profound spiritual consciousness. It's long believed to have a connection to the Aurora Borealis and its spectacular flashes of light because of its captivating blue-green shimmers. Labradorite harnesses the life-giving elements of the planet and opens up the mind to multiple levels of consciousness and spiritual expansion. Find our Moon Priestess Pendant in our shop as part of our Witch's Circle collection!

The goddess Ostara is celebrated in the festival of Easter or throughout April. Traditions of Ostara in the northern hemisphere include eating leafy green vegetables, nuts, sprouts, and sunflower seeds; burning incense of Jasmine, Rose, and Strawberry; planting seeds and taking long walks in nature; and wearing the sacred gemstone Jasper.

Do you have a favorite ritual or stone to honor this season of change? There are many among us that like to wear our magic, I'm curious to find out which stones and AQJ pieces you like to wear at this time of year. Let me know in the comments!

March 23, 2019 — Alex Camacho