2023 marked a journey through the Zodiac which for me, unlocked a profound connection and appreciation to the seasons of life. Each Zodiac sign brought in new energies, history, and folklore. Uncovering layers which not only allowed us to connect to our ourselves, but inspired us to truly celebrate the unique magic we each possess. While so much good came from this artistic journey, it also came with its challenges. I finally came to the realization that creating and releasing new one-of-a-kind collections each month was no longer sustainable, especially if I wanted to continue to grow my craft and challenge myself through design. Change is not always comfortable and easy, but often times it is necessary, and it was time to change things up to create a new path forward. I felt called to re-align myself with nature as our ancestors once had, and take a step back to honor the seasons and elements through a new and refreshed approach. 

In our fast-paced world, the changing of seasons often slips by unnoticed, their influence on our daily lives diminished by modern convenience. This year, I aim to pay homage to these natural rhythms, inviting us all to pause and find the extraordinary in the everyday. Our exploration begins with our first collection of the year, 'Winter Magic,' celebrating the introspective beauty of Winter and the fluid grace of Water.

Winter's Transformation

Up until recently, Winter wasn't a season I looked forward to. Growing up, I was never a fan of the cold and damp, always seeking the warmth and worshipping the Sun. My husband Jo (and second half of Acid Queen) often makes fun of my childhood demands of putting my clothes in the dryer to warm them up before I would get dressed in the morning. But as I matured and came into adulthood I found myself living in places that forced me to face the cold and learn to adapt. We moved to the mountains in 2019, just before the world came to a crashing halt. In doing so it created a space where I could finally embrace the winter months, finding a new love for this quiet season and the all the magic it has to offer. Winter has now become a cherished time for me, a season for drawing inward in both thought and spirit, allowing for deep reflection and recharging. It's when I get to reconnect with myself, re-dedicating my energy to projects and practices I've drifted from throughout the year. It's a season of cleansing, of shedding what no longer serves me, making room for meditation, manifestation, and the quiet peace that snowfall (or rain) brings.

The Essence of 'Winter Magic'

Our 'Winter Magic' collection honors this reflective season and the elemental power of water. Drawing inspiration from the stillness of winter, the cycle of death and rebirth, and the tranquil and cleansing nature of water, each piece in this collection invites you to connect with the quieter parts of yourself, letting go of what no longer serves you and embracing the power you have within. I chose a variety of plants, flowers and herbs to include in our designs that connect to the spirit of the season such as; Calla Lilies, Datura flowers and leaves, Oleander Flowers, Nettle, and Mint. With nods to the beauty and interconnectedness of nature through art nouveau inspirations, the collection aims to weave the magic of winter and water into wearable art that are talismans for your journey through life.

I was also very selective when choosing the stones for our 'Winter Magic' Collection. I sought gems that not only embody the season's and element's energies but also enhance your ability to connect to introspection and renewal. Stones featured in this collection:

Quartz- Known as the "Master Healer", can amplify energy and thought. It can absorb, store and release energy. A perfect protection stone but also a powerful talisman as it can be set with intentions and used for manifestation.

Rainbow moonstone - A stone of "new beginnings", it can aid in inner growth and strength. It can enhance intuition and promotes inspiration. 

Dendritic agate - Often called the "Stone of Plentitude", it is associated with abundance and prosperity in every aspect of life. 

Aquamarine - A stone of courage, it can promote self-expression, soothe fears and increases intuition. 

Blue lace agate- A cooling and calming stone which promotes a sense of peace and tranquility.

Amethyst - A powerful protective stone, it guards against negative energies and and reduce stress, anxiety and fears. 

Larimar - A gorgeous stone known for its extraordinary calming capabilities. It is also known a great communication tool, clearing your upper chakras and strengthening your true voice. 

Opalite - Unlike the other stones we use, opalite is not naturally occurring but manmade. However, it is still highly energetic and is ideal for meditation as it can improve communication on all levels, especially in the spiritual realm. 

A New Rhythm for Our Collections

This year, our one-of-a-kind collections will be released quarterly, with mini collections and new made-to-order items sprinkled in. The hope is that this new schedule will allow for more creativity and a richer exploration of each theme.

Each collection will feature 8-10 stones that align with the seasons and elements both aesthetically and energetically. This means it is less likely you'll see stones repeat in another collection this year, so if you're looking for a piece with a specific stone, pay close attention to our blogs and sneak peeks! 

I am really excited for this shift in the way we do things, it's been a long time coming and it has allowed for me to lean into intuition and the design process more so than I ever have before. The pieces I create are more than just jewelry, they are pieces of art that are companions for your journey through life. Creating art that's deeply personal means also acknowledging its worth, and I'm grateful for the continued support of our amazing community.

From sketch to finished piece, every element of 'Winter Magic' is hand-crafted with love and intention. This ensures that each piece is a one-of-a-kind treasure that is as unique as the wearer. Our 'Winter Magic' collection, arriving Sunday, March 3rd, at 10 AM Pacific, invites you to embrace the season's quiet power and the serene beauty of water in your life.

Photo credit for cover photo: @ladyleanansidhe

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