At Acid Queen Jewelry, our passion for creating pieces that are not just worn, but experienced, has always driven our design process. Over the years we have had the honor of collaborating with a variety of business owners and leaders in the industry, and last year was no different. In February of last year we were given the opportunity to work with Kathy Rose of Argyle & Valentine, a gallery that resonates with our ethos of powerful design and exquisite craftsmanship, and we are so thrilled to bring you into our world and tell you about this journey. 

Kathy Rose, the visionary behind Argyle & Valentine, has established a haven for handcrafted artistry in Los Angeles, blending traditional charm with avant-garde fashion. Her commitment to unique, handpicked creations aligns seamlessly with our dedication to distinctive jewelry.

This collaboration has birthed eight special pieces, each narrating its own story of design prowess and potent symbolism. The centerpiece, a chest shield necklace adorned with the intense blue of lapis lazuli, speaks of protection and wisdom. Its counterpart, a matching bracelet cuff, encircles the wrist with the same deep serenity.

Three quartz amplifier rings stand as testaments to clarity and amplification, while a rutilated quartz shield necklace commands attention, radiating with strands of golden inclusions. The quartz amplifier crystal drop necklace and our signature sorceress crystal ball necklace with smoky quartz conjure visions of mystical power, and a statement shield ring with pyrite crowns the collection, encapsulating the raw allure of natural elements.

Our signature technique, which marries the art of traditional metal-smithing with the precision of wax working, and the ancient practice of lost wax casting, brings each piece from a mere vision to tangible art. 

Working with Kathy, we meticulously developed designs that not only highlight the inherent beauty of the stones but also stand as emblems of the collaborative spirit. This mini-collection is not just a showcase of what sets our work apart; it is a celebration of shared values and artistic fusion.

We invite you to explore the intricate details and bold statements of the Acid Queen Jewelry x Argyle & Valentine collection. It is a collection where art meets adornment, where every piece is not just an accessory but a personal talisman.

For those seeking to immerse themselves in this exclusive experience, Argyle & Valentine is located in Los Angeles and is available to book by appointment.

Through this partnership, we reaffirm our love for design and our commitment to crafting empowering jewelry pieces. This collection is an ode to those who dare to stand out, to those who embrace their power with grace and audacity. Join us in this celebration of creativity, and let's continue to adorn our lives with the magic of extraordinary jewelry.

February 06, 2024 — Alex Camacho