At Acid Queen Jewelry, we're thrilled to finally share a product with you that's been a personal favorite of ours for years: our new Jewelry Revitalizing Kit. This kit isn't just any jewelry cleaner—it's the culmination of all the love and care we've poured into maintaining our own pieces, and now we're bringing it directly to fellow jewelry enthusiasts.


Why Our Kit Stands Out

What makes our Jewelry Revitalizing Kit unique? It's designed with both effectiveness and environmental responsibility in mind. The kit features a two-part cleaning system, including a Restoring Cream and a Polishing Spray, each housed in reusable and refillable travel-sized glass bottles. This not only reduces waste but also ensures that we are doing our part to keep our planet clean, free of additional plastics in our landfills. 

Non-Toxic, Safe for All Jewelry

Our Restoring Cream and Polishing Spray are non-toxic solutions, making them safe for a wide range of jewelry materials—from pearls and opals to platinum and costume pieces. Here’s a closer look at what each component offers:

  • Restoring Cream: This cream works wonders on any precious metal. It's formulated without acid, ammonia, or abrasives, allowing you to safely remove tarnish and restore shine without damaging the metal's integrity. It’s particularly effective in preserving the unique patina that many of our pieces are known for.

  • Polishing Spray: This spray provides a quick, efficient clean that’s safe for all types of jewelry and eyewear. It ensures that surfaces won't steam up or fog, making it an excellent choice for items beyond just jewelry, like your favorite glasses.

How to Use the Jewelry Revitalizing Kit

  1. Restoring Cream

    • Shake the bottle well for 5 seconds.
    • Apply a small amount to the jewelry (enough to coat the piece) and rub back and forth with your fingers for about 15-30 seconds depending on how much tarnish is built up.
    • Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth (I like a worn towel or old t-shirt), buffing lightly to make sure its dry and clean.
    • Proceed immediately to step 2.
  2. Polishing Spray

    • Spray generously (2-4 times) on the jewelry.
    • Wait for 5 seconds, then use the included mini brush to gently scrub the jewelry. Make sure to get hard to reach places where tarnish can build up.
    • Rinse off the solution with water and dry completely with the soft cloth you used in step 1.
    • Finish by polishing with the included polishing cloth to bring out the ultimate shine.

This kit is not just about cleaning; it's about revitalizing your treasured pieces, allowing you to showcase their beauty and your style without compromise for yers to come. As we move forward with our commitment to sustainability and quality, we hope this kit helps you maintain the luster and allure of your jewelry, just as we do with ours. (Please note that it is NOT recommended for use on plated jewelry, if you have questions, contact us)


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April 17, 2024 — Alex Camacho