From the moment I saw Emma's instagram profile I knew I had to reach out to feature her in our 'Live in Your Magic Series'. Not only do I absolutely love her energy, but she has a way with words that is so gentle, kind and inspirational which completely aligns with why I was inspired to do this series in the first place. Emma is a Witch, author, intuitive channel, an intuition teacher, and specializes in guiding others to their authentic self. 

Born in London and raised in Nottinghamshire Emma has grown up in a magical household. Her mother was also a Witch and a well known tarot reader and her father did some platform psychic mediumship. She was brought up to believe in magic, fairies and her family often did seances after a Sunday roast! Emma has always been obsessed with magic and all things metaphysical ever since she was a child. 

Emma has had a very creative career from being a fashion designer to interior designer to an editorial photographer. In her private life she has been practicing witchcraft for 26 years. It wasn’t until the loss of both of her parents did she truly follow her intuition to go full-time as professional witch.  

She lives with her husband in Cornwall, a mother of two mini adults six dogs and a cat. Through Emma’s life she has gone through major transformations, traumas and events which has brought her to today and who she is now. Emma is about to release her first book "Find Your Soul Path: Discover the Magical Life Within" which will be released on 10/31/23 and is currently available for pre-sale. 

When I asked her what 'Living in her Magic' meant to her, she said:

"As a witch, I live in my magic. It is not just a part of me; it defines who I am and how I navigate the world around me. My connection to the natural elements and unseen forces allows me to tap into a wellspring of ancient wisdom and power. Living as a witch means embracing the cycles of nature and honouring the interconnectedness of all living beings. It means understanding that everything has its own energy and learning how to harness that energy for positive change. As I walk through life's journey as a witch I live in my magic – unapologetically authentic and forever connected to the extraordinary forces that shape our universe.

As a modern day witch living in my magic is so important to me. Part of my daily magical life is connecting to my divination gifts. This allows me to tap into the unseen energies that surrounds me. Through various methods such as tarot cards, pendulums, or scrying balls, I am able to decipher messages from the universe and gain insights into the paths that lie ahead.

My magic lies in the power of energy, and it continues to shape and enrich my journey in profound ways."

I want to thank Emma for being so awesome and for being a continuous source of inspiration and guidance. Please take a moment to check out her work on Instagram and her Website


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Sorceress Divination Ring

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September 25, 2023 — Alex Camacho