As the Sun switches signs from Leo into Virgo, we move out of the modality of fixed-fire and into the mutable-earth energy of Virgo that brings us back into our physical bodies. Throughout the previous Season, we worked to hold down the energy of our direction, while we chased spontaneous moments that lit fires of inspiration and passion, despite some of the more serious tones that Venus retrograde brought forward. Now, as the store décor shifts from pool toys and crop tops to organizational planners and fall jackets, the mutable energy takes us through the last days of summer and brings us into a Season that requires flexibility from fixed ideas. As late summer begins its seasonal shift, our lives begin to follow suit, as days become shorter and nights become cooler. There is a sense of knowing that in just a short amount of time, we will begin to shift into the last few months of 2023.     

There’s something about Virgo Season that reminds us that it’s time to get our shit together, and this one is no exception. On the first day of Virgo Season, alongside an ongoing Venus Retrograde, Mercury stations Retrograde in Virgo and immediately puts us into a state of reflection. While life around us continues to pick up pace externally, we are challenged to be thorough, internal processors, turning our focus on the important details of our everyday lives, schedules, routines and self-care in the name of self-improvement. From August 23rd – September 15th, it’s important to be extra aware of your communication, (including your internal dialogue), as mishaps and technical errors point out where adjustments to our focus need to be made. As Venus and Mercury retrogrades collide, we can expect to run into past situations, people, places and things that require another look.   

Where Leo Season asked us to courageously display our main-character-energy

la vierge for Dior- France 2017

on the public stage, Virgo Season brings our attention towards our backstage protocols. As we move away from the previous season’s, act-first-think-later mentality, Mercury-ruled Virgo, brings us back down to earth and reminds us that it’s now time to figure out the practical details that can turn inspiration into something tangible. As the filtration system of Virgo kicks in, we methodically and systematically begin the process of perfecting our creations, routines and lifestyles through a process of elimination, as we figure out what stays and what goes, like a well-oiled machine. If Leo Season is the heart of the matter and creative talent, Virgo Season is the brains of the operation that creates proficiency out of post-it notes, ideas.

Bulent Unsal - Virgo US 2019

As the Sun moves through Virgo, it’s time to find grounding, as we muster up the aptitude to get reorganized, and sort through the mess and dysfunction that accumulated throughout the previous seasons. Maybe you stepped away from those health, conscious habits or neglected to make that follow up doctor’s appointment. When’s the last time you weeded your garden, organized a closet or deep cleaned your kitchen? As the influence of Virgo’s acute observational skills and desire for improvement begins to kick in, we zoom in on all the corners of our lives and begin the process of refining our everyday functions. If you’ve been wanting to implement new health, wellness, self-care or diet routines, Virgo Season has the special sauce that can help you develop these new systems. It can be helpful to start off Virgo Season by making a list of what you want to accomplish (Virgo’s love a good to-do list) before August 27th, when decision making, and your personal power source may feel a bit more challenged or scattered.

By August 30th, we reach one of the most important astrological events of Virgo Season, as a Super Blue Moon in 7º Pisces illuminates the sky with its close proximity to earth, and the rare occurrence of a second Full Moon within the same month. On the Pisces/Virgo axis, an imbalance between our earthly routines and spiritual maintenance may be revealed. As the Moon aligns with Saturn Retrograde, we may experience tough reality checks that require us to implement stronger emotional boundaries, as we come to terms with areas of our lives that must end or be released in order to become in sync with our highest purpose. Conversations or information that comes through during this time can be confusing and easy to misinterpret, requiring us to go within and connect to our intuition, especially if fear or paranoia starts to creep in. We may not have all the details figured out at this time, but this Moon calls on us to have faith in the unknown, especially when dealing with situations that are out of our control. Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius + Pisces) will experience this lunation most significantly. 

Renewed clarity around our personal values, healing, relationships, finances and self-worth begins to set in by September 3rd, when Venus stations direct motion after 40-days of retrograde. After a heavy period of reviewing and rethinking these principles, the Virgo energy helps us integrate these newly acquired lessons into our lives. 

As a Mercury ruled sign, Virgo’s are known for their intellectual abilities and quick-

Daria Hlazatova - Virgo- Ukraine 2018

witted charm, making it easy for them to showcase their natural ability to adapt to their surroundings with their advanced conversational skills. They are expert observers, capable of noticing even the smallest of details that easily go unnoticed by the masses. That being said, as you move through this energy, watch out for getting caught up in the details that cause you to lose sight of the bigger picture. It’s no secret that natives of this sign are known for their quest of perfectionism, which can make them the best at what they do, but also leaves them vulnerable to negative self-talk, worrying and anxiety. It’s important to remember that if the brain looping takes over, it’s time to take a step back and reset, especially if you find yourself having more stomach issues than normal. Throughout this season we evaluate everything under a critical eye, which includes the people around us. If we aren’t paying attention to our delivery, we can become nit-picky and come off harsher than anticipated, especially when stressed.

As the final days of Virgo Season start to come into view, the New Moon in 21º Virgo, occurs on September 14th and takes us back to around August 23rd when Mercury first stationed retrograde.Whatever we began around that time can now be built upon in a new, improved way. The Moon harmonizes with Uranus and opposes Neptune, which can add an element of surprise or excitement to the energy. When it comes to something that we are manifesting, we may find ourselves welcoming change, or increased flexibility into our lives. Over the past few months, we’ve been freeing ourselves from old ways of approaching matters of the heart, and this lunation is no exception. Although we may find ourselves slightly confused about certain details, we can start the process of beginning something new. While every lunation has meaning for all of us, the mutable signs (Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius + Pisces) will feel this energy most significantly.

Despite the cerebral headiness of the energy, Virgo Season takes us through themes of the 6th house and asks us to keep our feet firmly on the ground, as we focus on themes of duty and responsibility.When balance between rest, work, faith and logic can be achieved, Virgo’s are profound healers, radiating their energy through acts of service to themselves as well as the collective. This Season, intuition speaks through gut feelings, reminding you that you cannot pour from an empty cup, or advance in your work without appropriate recuperation, daily maintenance and commitment to self-improvement. 

Happy Birthday Virgo!

All my best - Emily

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August 25, 2023 — Alex Camacho