As we bid farewell to 2023, a year that took us through a celestial exploration of the zodiac, we're so excited to embark on a new enchanting journey through the seasons and elements.

Last year was as extremely transformative time for us, filled with profound learnings, creative awakenings, and an array of challenges that shaped our artistic and business direction for 2024 and beyond. I absolutely loved exploring the Zodiac, and through it we we're able to gain invaluable insights. However, doing monthly releases was not only unsustainable, but with so much else going on, at times it felt rushed and we realized the need for a more expansive creative canvas, one that would allow our imagination to flow unbounded.

This realization was inspired by deep diving into the energetic shifts of the Zodiac, allowing myself to be guided by what the universe was presenting to me, rather than what I wanted it to be. Leading to an appreciation, fascination and love for the seasons and elements, which has inspired our next grand venture. We are delighted to introduce "Seasonal Elements," (working title) our 2024 One-of-a-kind Collections' theme that delves into the enchanting interplay of the seasons and elements, viewed through the rich and varied prisms of fantasy, folklore, literature, and art history.

"Seasonal Elements" aims to be more than just a collection of jewelry; it's a celebration of the unique magic each season brings, understanding and honoring that we as humans are not fixed, but energetic beings that ebb and flow throughout the year. Unlike year's past, we will unveil these collections in alignment with nature’s calendar: Winter + Water in February, Spring + Earth in May, Summer + Fire in August, and Autumn + Air in November. Each collection will include 65-80 pieces and feature a tapestry of 6-8 carefully selected gemstones. There may be a few favorites like quartz and amethyst that you'll see sprinkled in multiple times throughout the year, but most stones you will only see one time this year.

Beyond our main collections, we will periodically release mini-collections, each a unique expression of specific themes and specialty stones. These collections will offer glimpses into the diverse inspirations that fuel our creativity, from ancient myths to pop-culture. We will be announcing our first mini-collection towards the middle of January, so be on the look out!

Each Seasonal Collection will aim to embody the serene yet powerful energy of each season and elemental pairing. For our Winter + Water Collection, which arrives on Friday February 23rd, expect to see hints of Art Nouveau elegance, mystical inspirations drawn from figures like Morgan Le Fey and enchanting water plant motifs. Stay tuned as we release more behind the scenes on the making of these collections and the inspirations behind them.

2024 also marks a new chapter in enhancing your Acid Queen experience. We’re developing functional yet stylish additions, including Jewelry cleaning kits and innovative storage solutions, to cater to the needs of every jewelry lover.

Your support and passion for our creations have been the driving force behind this journey. As we venture into the realms of "Seasonal Elements," we invite you to join us in celebrating the magic and mystery of the seasons. Here's to a year of discovery, beauty, and artistic expression.

January 03, 2024 — Alex Camacho