Ascend to Your Highest Self

By Devan Daily

Gold has been deeply intertwined with mysticism and magic since the dawn of its discovery by human kind. As a symbol of wealth, power, status, and divinity, nearly every civilization has endured trying hardships and quests in hopes of obtaining it.

In Greek mythology, the story of King Midas turning everything to gold with his blessed (or cursed) touch, unravels the story of gold’s alluring promise of wealth, and warns against the dangers of greed. The Irish tell tales of jovial and mischievous fey creatures, known as Leprechauns, stashing their overflowing pots of dazzling gold at the end of rainbows. In ancient Rome boys were given gold chains and amulets nine days after their birth, known as bulla, to protect them against evil and various illnesses. The ancient Egyptians revered gold as a sacred material that was only fit for nobility, and believed it came from the flesh of their gods and goddesses. Even Dragon's have been known to have an insatiable appetite for gold, hoarding it in their lairs daring foolish men to try and take it.

Gold has also played a vital role in the burial rites of numerous cultures, even the dead love and cherish gold. Mourners would fill coffins and tombs of the departed with precious treasures before laying them to eternal rest within the belly of the dark earth, ensuring that their lost beloved would make use of the riches in the afterlife.

Long associated with the warm, healing, vibrant energies of the sun, gold has been used in many pagan rituals to invoke strength, willpower, success, abundance, and growth. For all its beauty, legends, regality, and power, we can’t help but be completely enchanted by the shimmering and alluring magic of gold. 

After many years of creating silver jewelry, it was our dream to finally create a Gold Collection that would take our craft and brand to the next level. But the transition wasn’t easy as we tried to find a way to honor our signature Acid Queen aesthetic, while also creating a 14K Gold collection that wouldn't completely break the bank.

After months of agonizing we finally reached that “Aha Moment”. The idea we came up with was to take the shape of our most popular ring design and slice it to create smaller versions that fit together. So not only can you build the ring of your dreams, but you can also mix and match to your heart's desire, an exquisite way to build your collection! Perfect for commitment ceremonies or luxurious “treat yourself” moments, these treasures are yours for a lifetime and an heirloom for the beyond. 

This line first premiered in July of 2022, and is Made to Order with a 2-3 week production time. Lovingly handmade in the USA in partnership with our caster, all of our pieces are finished in-house in our studio based in Idyllwild, California. 

We always aim to use the highest quality materials in our pieces. For this collection we source our stones from Columbia Gem House in Portland, Oregon who pride themselves on responsible and fair trade protocols.

Let’s dive into the healing properties of the stones in these pieces!

Blue Chalcedony: Peace, tranquility, balances energies and emotions, helps with calming dreams, meditation, and healthy communication.

Amethyst: Spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, inner healing, and positive transformations.

Tourmalated Quartz: Protection, grounding, cleansing, absorbs and blocks negative energy, aids in self-love and self-acceptance.

Black Spinel: Protection, creativity, confidence, helps release toxic energies, aids in recovery from grief and building relationship bonds. 

Like the wise goddess Athena adorning her armor and shield for battle, envelop yourself in the magic of our Ascension 14K Gold pieces. Each ring serves as a talisman of empowerment, beckoning you to build a collection that resonates with your strength and elegance.

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January 10, 2024 — Alex Camacho