The passion of Leo season carries us into August and brings a much- welcomed switch up, as many of us are still reeling from a Cancer season that shook us upside down and purged emotions from the root. It’s almost like we can feel the Leo regeneration process, working its magic on our vitality levels, stroking our egos and enhancing our determination and self-assurance. If you’ve been in a creative block, you may be able to feel the inspiration coming back to life. We are fresh off last week's New Moon in Leo energy that has us navigating the unexpected changes and planning our new course of action.  

Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication style, moves out of Leo and enters Virgo on August 3rd for a 22-day transit. The mutable earth of Virgo is one of Mercury’s ruling signs, as well as one of his favorite places to be. Our intellectual process and decision making becomes methodical and organized as we filter our ideas through detailed Virgo. Anxiety, worrying, or self-criticism can be a side effect of this transit, so try to find time to disconnect and take a breather if you feel yourself brain-looping these unwanted energies.

The Full Sturgeon Moon at 19º Aquarius reaches its peak on August 11th. This will be the third and final supermoon of the year, bringing big reveals to an energetic cycle that began during June’s Strawberry Supermoon. With this lunation happening on the Aquarius/Leo axis, we can expect to see themes surrounding the balance of how we operate as a solo individual versus how we operate within the collective. The Sun/Moon opposition will square off with the Uranus/North Node conjunction and bring destined, unexpected events, shake-ups and epiphanies. The karmic energy associated with this Moon is potent and will play out in our personal lives and on the global stage. Wherever you have 19º Aquarius in your natal birth chart, is the area of life that is being illuminated by the Moon.

On the same day, Venus wraps up her transit through devoted Cancer and begins her expedition through Leo. Our approach to love, finances and personal values become passionate, impulsive and full of grand gestures. Venus in Leo wants to be worshipped, giving that go big or go home type or whirlwind romance.  In relationships, we may find ourselves wanting extra attention or admiration from our partners. While this energy is social and a ton of fun, be mindful that you don’t approach relationship situations from a one-sided point of view. 

By August 20th, Mars, the planet of action, moves out of earth- bound Taurus into the multi-tasking air sign of Gemini for a whopping 7 months due to the retrograde (October 30th). As Mars transits Gemini we can expect to find ourselves multi-tasking, frequently changing our minds and working at a fast pace. Networking and social situations may have added importance in our lives during this time. During this transit it’s important to find grounding, as it is likely that we will be wearing many hats at once. Breathe into this energy, we will be in it for the long-haul.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd and takes us from the extroverted, creative energy of Leo Season and plunges us into the self-reflective and organized energy of mutable earth. We begin to approach things from a more flexible but practical point of view that helps us find our center as the season of summer begins its shift. Those big ideas and plans formed during Leo season enter a process of filtration and refinement as we hammer out the details. Our focus turns our attention towards our daily routine and health, as we look for ways to bring self-improvement into our lives. The important details that may have slipped through the cracks over the summer are sorted through and given more attention. 

 By August 24th, Uranus, the planet known as the great awakener, stations retrograde in Taurus for its 5 month retrograde. Uranus brings unexpected change into our external lives after we’ve clung on to old systems that have outlived their usefulness. During the retrograde period, the energy is brought inward so we can focus on the psychological shifts that are equally as necessary to reflect the external changes. The fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius may feel this more significantly. All of the outer planets (Pluto, Neptune, Saturn + Jupiter) are now retrograde, signaling a time of introspection and review.

Just one day later, on August 24th, Mercury completes his transit through Virgo and enters balance seeking Libra. While Mercury moves through Libra, we emphasize the importance of understanding both sides of the story. Diplomacy + compromise is integrated into our communication and thought process as we attempt to bridge gaps and find diplomatic solutions. However, you may find that decision making becomes more challenging as you can more easily see the pros and cons of each scenario. 

On August 27th, the New Moon in 4º Virgo closes out the month by beginning a new 28-day cycle. When working with this new moon energy, you will want to focus on themes such as personal health, routine, organization and day-to-day work life. The new moon will make a tight square to Mars, causing friction, impulsivity and a desire to take action. It’s important to take your time before rushing big decisions. Wherever 4º Virgo lands in your natal birth chart, is the area of your life that is being activated by the new moon energy.

The month of August will no doubt be a time of big changes and unexpected events, as the energy from the North Node/ Uranus and Mars conjunction (August 1st)  continues to play out over the upcoming months. People are waking up and beginning to shift perspectives more so than ever before. As the internal changes, so does the external. In this ever-changing world and trying times, try your best to remain flexible and remind yourself the importance of self-care.

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August 03, 2022 — Alex Camacho