After last week’s intense New Moon, Virgo season moves us into September, and reminds us of the power of mutable energy. Sometimes we make a plan, only to have to start over again with a more refined and practical version. Pivoting can be frustrating, but the energy of Virgo Season reminds us that shifts, and redirections are a necessary part of any creation. This is the season to work on all areas of self-improvement and day-to-day function. Clean out your spaces, simplify and let go of the things that obscure your clarity, or are no longer relevant. Virgo Season is that beautiful reminder that when we can incorporate consistent self-care into our habitual practices, we create beauty in the mundane. 

On September 4th, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, finances and relationships, joins the Sun in heady-earthy Virgo. Truth be told, Venus is a little stifled here. During this transit we express love with practical gestures and acts of service. This is a great time for analyzing and problem solving anything related to budgets or finances. The shadow side of this energy kind of reminds me of the “Burn Book” from Means Girls. Be mindful that during this transit we can fall into patterns of being nit-picky, tit for tat, or extra critical of ourselves and relationships. 

It’s that time again. Mercury stations retrograde in Libra on September 9th - October 2nd and shines a spotlight on the undercurrents of your partnership dynamics. Notoriously, this is a time when we hear from our ghosts as they come back to deliver lost messages. Communication breakdowns, travel delays, technology glitches and general annoyances, ask us to slow down, and double check work, travel arrangements and contracts. By September 23rd, Mercury re-enters Virgo and asks us to reevaluate the practical details that were missed in the previous weeks. The location of Libra and Virgo in your natal chart will give more insight as to how this RX plays out in your personal life. 

On September 10th, the Harvest Full Moon in 17º Pisces, brings a culmination of poetic, ethereal and intuitive energy, as she closes out the Summer Season. Take a moment to enjoy the harvest of manifestations you brought to life over the past few months. The Pisces/Virgo axis illuminates the need for balance between our day-to-day life in the material world, versus our spiritual, creative, inner world. A harmonious aspect to Uranus RX can bring unexpected surprises, while also easing us into fundamental changes. Neptune RX will be in close proximity to this lunation, amplifying our sensitivities and intuitive awareness. Harness this energy with rituals and occult practices, like charging your crystals and infusing Moon water for yourself and plants. 

Libra Season and the Autumn Equinox arrive simultaneously on September 22nd bringing an overhaul of fresh energy and new beginnings. Just as Libra represents the scales of balance, the Equinox brings equilibrium to the days and nights with equal parts of light and dark. This Venus- ruled Air sign gives us permission to balance out the hard work of Virgo Season with a lighter, social, energy. Relationships of all kinds become the focus as we seek creative harmony between the needs of others and the needs of ourselves. This season, the loyalty to those we love is as strong as the indecisiveness we find ourselves circling in. 

The September 25th, New Moon in Libra, is backed with Equinox energy, creating a powerful moment for planting new seeds of intention. Take a moment to weigh the scales of your partnerships and observe the levels of give and take. Sacrificing too much of your own needs in the name of peace causes just as much unsteadiness as an unwillingness to budge. With this New Moon in a tight opposition to Jupiter, it is important to find a balanced approach as you work towards new goals. Overshooting or undershooting will both cause delay. 

Venus’s entrance into Libra on September 29th, closes out the month with harmonious Venusian energy. Venus returns home, bringing uninhibited, creative energy that inspires our need to appreciate the more beautiful aspects of life. We bring softness and romantic gestures into our relationships, while also leaving space for healthy detachment.

September leads us into the throes of retrograde season, as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and Mercury are all in retrograde. The energy is deeply introspective as we collectively focus on the inner shifts that support the changes we wish to see in our outer words. As we witness the changing of seasons in the nature around us, we are reminded of how the seasons and cycles of our own human experience follow suit. 

Happy Fall Equinox!


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August 31, 2022 — Alex Camacho