November comes in HOT off of some wild energy, submerging us into the depths of Scorpio Season, into the heart of Eclipse energy, and the beginning of 6+ months of Mars retrograde. Karmic themes that began in November 2021 and then expanded on in April + May 2022 come alive again, bringing fated energy to ongoing storylines.

For the first two weeks of November, the Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in Scorpio, bringing us into the psychological depths and hidden nature of who we are. The highs are high, and the lows are low, as we simmer in this pressure-cooker energy to acknowledge both the light + dark within ourselves and relationships. This transformational energy of self-realization prepares us for a new cycle of death and rebirth, during the time of year when the veil between worlds is paper thin. First it hurts, and then it heals. 

Eclipse Season is a month of unexpected beginnings and endings that bring transformative and destined energy into our lives. While we all have free will to choose our own path, Eclipses bring fated events to catapult us further into our own evolution. The energetic intensity will be felt throughout the month, noticeably picking up on November 5th + 6th as we move through hard transits that bring tension surrounding our relationships, ego assertion and communication. 

On November 8th, the Full Moon + total Lunar eclipse happens at 16º Taurus, bringing tangible, transformative energy surrounding our personal security, work-life and relationships. This critical shift unveils a new perspective that allows us to see situations in a way that we may not have before. This strong releasing energy encourages us to free ourselves from what has been holding us back. While these endings are never easy, they are essential for jump-starting new beginnings. While Eclipse energy is felt the strongest, 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after, the energetic themes will continue to play out in our lives over the next 6 months. Taurus and Scorpio placements, you will feel this energy the most, with Leo and Aquarius  placements getting a strong dose as well.

By the third week of November, Venus enters Sagittarius on the 16th with Mercury following suit on the 17th. As these two planets exit the intensity of Scorpio, we feel a certain level of heaviness lift. Where Scorpio’s expression of these planetary energies was possessive, passion-driven and unwavering, Sagittarius energy brings forward a sense of freedom and adventure. Relationship energy also lightens up, becoming a game of conquest and spontaneous risk taking, while our values become centered around our highest ideals. During this transit,  communication and thought process becomes focused on the big picture, allowing us to see things from a bird’s eye view perspective. During this time, we are open and changeable to new ideas, although we can find ourselves putting up a fight when it comes to our belief systems. As Mars continues to retrograde in Gemini, there can be an energy of repression, causing mistruths, unexpected blow ups, or communication without filter. Speak your truth but remember that delivery matters. 

By the last week of November, the Sun enters Sagittarius on the 22nd and brings us into a season of expanding our horizons and searching for higher meaning. After a month of extremes and deep soul searching, we are ready to take the lessons from Scorpio season and put energy towards the people, places and things that light our fire. Restlessness in the mundane sparks an urge for freedom; inspiring us to go full speed ahead, shooting our arrow towards whatever stirs our passion. As we get inspired by our own vision, we roll- the- dice and take leaps of faith towards what we want most. Our personal truths and philosophical beliefs lead us towards bold moves and straightforward communication. Our focus is on the freedom of it all, leaving us less concerned about possible repercussions. 

On the 23rd, the month begins to close as we reach the New Moon in Sagittarius. After back-to-back eclipses, this is the first new moon cycle that allows us to recalibrate and refocus our new direction forward. For those of us who have dealt with a lot of change, a trine to Jupiter brings optimism and vision towards the new path, while a sextile to Pluto offers supportive energy while we move through powerful emotions + endings. Expand and clarify what you want to bring in by incorporating your newfound wisdom brought in by Eclipse Season. What area of your life requires a leap of faith? Make a plan.

On the same day, and after 4- months of retrograde, Jupiter, the planet of philosophical wisdom, stations direct at 28º Pisces. Finally, luck is on our side again. Emotional healing, collective empathy and psychic receptivity is elevated, allowing messages to reach you through symbolism, dreamworld and glimpses of Akashic memories. This stationing works in tangent with the New Moon, empowering you to expand on your hopes and dreams after months of reflection and reality checks. From now until December 20th, make the most of this beautiful energy, as Jupiter won’t transit Pisces again until 2033. 

Just like October, November is a month of intensity, reveals, and unpredictable events, as Eclipse Season reveals new paths and ways of being. As we work with difficult energies surrounding our relationships, ego assertion and communication, the wounds become exposed and give us the opportunity to heal. Although Scorpio season can leave us feeling raw, Sagittarius season reignites the passion we seek and gives us a new appreciation for all that we learned in the dark. 

Happy Eclipse Season!

With love, 



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November 01, 2022 — Alex Camacho