The Sun enters Pisces on February 19th – March 20th, collectively bringing us into a soft era of emotional depth. Throughout Aquarius Season, we worked with the higher mind, as the energy enabled us to mentally rebel and rewire, systematic parts of our lives that kept us constrained, or chained to outdated storylines. We intellectualized our surroundings from the lens of cool-headed vision, detached from emotional cloudiness as we plugged into higher frequencies and futuristic vision. With all planets direct, momentum picked up, and the ball started rolling.

 As we build on the previous season, the shift from Air to Water, prompts us to integrate emotional intelligence with those higher minded, Uranian concepts that we developed under the Aquarian Sun. Instead of intellectualizing our experiences, it’s time to feel our way through intuitively, plugging into frequencies that feel both out of body and deeply in tune with realms hidden from the naked eye. Where Aquarius Season had us operating from fixed determination, Pisces Season offers mutable flexibility, replacing rigidity with adaptability. For the next month, allow yourself to ebb and flow freely, without the usual structure. In mutable water, give yourself permission to change your mind, direction of course, or even your routine as new perspectives become assimilated with emotional understanding. 

 After all of the hyperfocus and constant cerebral energy of Aquarius season, we are due for some healthy disconnection from the headiness, we all plug into on a regular basis. Where Aquarius Season was all about standing in our individual beliefs, Pisces Season asks us to lean into compassion and empathy, focusing more on our alikeness than our differences. Aquarius energy wanted facts, data and logic, where Pisces season closes her eyes and lets her emotional world do most of the driving. 


The new lunar cycle begins on February 20th, as the New Moon in Pisces asks us to focus our attention on lessons of energetic wrap-ups that need clearing before the arrival of the astrological New Year on the Spring Equinox. Moments after the New Moon perfects, Venus enters Aries, symbolizing energetic endings around finances, social circles or romantic partnerships. Whether this process of shedding happens figuratively or literally, Venus in Aries simultaneously ignites that spark of passion that leads us into our next chapter. As you work with the heavy emotions of this Moon, it’s important to look inward, reflecting on the lessons accumulated over the past 12th months. Even if the physical representation of change has already occurred, it’s time for the emotional clearing to follow. Just like the upcoming Full Moon, you may be triggered to act on something. Focus on staying grounded and release the emotional baggage that can’t be taken into this next chapter. Mutable signs, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini + Sagittarius, you guys feel this the most. 

 As a sign with dual rulership, Jupiter her traditional ruler and Neptune, her modern ruler, there is an intertwining of energy that weaves altered states of psychic receptivity with spirituality and philosophical expansion. Since the spring 2022, we’ve acquired new cycles, lessons and directions of aim that carry the torch throughout the year. While Aquarius Season began the process of detachment from what keeps us bound to the past, Pisces Season asks us to reflect internally, emotionally unpacking our experiences of all that’s transpired since. In this true 12th house energy of Neptune’s abyss, Pisces energy asks that we allow ourselves time alone to disconnect from outside influences and focus on our personal themes of completion. While this process can feel like a mixture of sadness and hopefulness, it comes with the understanding that making room for the new requires us to drop the weight of emotional baggage. 

In Pisces energy, the tendency to see the world through rose- colored glasses is beautiful, but can cause us to dilute the truth, enabling us to see things as we want them to be, and not as they really are. Throughout this season we are challenged to connect to our higher knowing, and the wisdom of our learned experiences, as we sort through the illusions of Neptune’s fog. This is the season to lead with an open heart but don’t allow yourself to stray too far from reality.

Pisces is a psychic sponge, unconsciously soaking up the energies of her physical and collective environments, making it challenging to distinguish her own emotions from someone else’s. While this makes her naturally psychic, it can bring on phantom emotions that haunt the psyche from a source that can’t be placed. This season, you may find yourself needing extra downtime to regulate your emotions. Regular energy clearings using modalities such as water, palo santo, sage and protective stones can go a long way. The energy between Aquarius + Pisces Season is a highly psychic time of year, making it important to pay attention to the signs your intuition is trying to tell you. If you’re having trouble making up your mind, that’s your cue to disconnect and go inward for your answers.

For those not used to this watery energy, it can feel like your head is underwater, causing confusion, and making concentration harder to come by. On the flip side, the energy is highly clairvoyant, and imaginative, making it an excellent time to work on creative projects and occult practices. If you’ve been wanting to learn tarot, or any other spiritual practices, Pisces Season is a perfect time to start. During this transit, expect an uptick of messages, symbols and information to come through your subconscious. Where Aquarius energy is known to dominate Astral travel, Pisces rules all of the dreamworld allowing information to flow freely while we sleep. Keeping a dream journal can be a great way to decode what your subconscious is trying to show you.

Pisces energy is illusive and hard to nail down. It’s no wonder that her symbol is the two fishes swimming in opposite directions, indicating the two vastly different expressions of energy. In a healthy expression, this energy can feel peaceful and spiritually expansive, while the low road of this energy can feel isolating and prone to escapism through unhealthy habits. As the last sign of the zodiac and the ruler of the 12th, Pisces energy embodies a spectrum of wisdom acquired through all previous signs. This “completion” of energy nods to the continuation of life through reincarnation, which is why Pisces are known as such old souls. Throughout this season, allow yourself to recognize the natural cycles of your life, trusting that there is a beginning and an end to everything that we experience. 

 The Full Moon on March 7th brings mega energy that coincides with Saturn’s entrance into Pisces. With 4 planets in Pisces across from the Moon in Virgo, we are asked to strike a balance between the service we provide to our physical self, and our spiritual maintenance. Ask yourself: Is there balance between how I connect to the physical realm and how I disconnect from it? Tension runs high, causing reactive responses or a need to act quickly but chances of not seeing a situation with full clarity is likely. Just like the New Moon, this Full Moon also focuses on letting go and cleaning up our spiritual hygiene, bringing the biggest impact towards Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini placements. 

 This isn’t the month for extensive planning or firm decision making, but more so a time of going with the flow and becoming in tune with the natural rhythm of our own energy. In order to truly understand who, we are on a deeper level, we have to give ourselves permission to be vulnerable. As we feel our own experiences more profoundly, we create the ability to empathize with the experiences of others, even if they are vastly different from our own. 

Happy Birthday Pisces!

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February 20, 2023 — Alex Camacho