Art Credit: Eugenia Loli, Greece, 2016

When thinking of what a Zodiac collection is, one might think that it's a collection full of pieces only for a person in that particular sign. While I am making special pieces for Capricorns, Aquarius and so on, it really isn't about that for me. It's about the seasons of life and the energy and inspirations that each Zodiac sign brings to the table. 

These collections are meant to expand and include rather than pigeonhole and gate keep. I'm a Libra through and through, but the ideas that are presented by Aquarius really resonate with me where i'm at right now. Rather than only focusing on our major earthly seasons, this is an invitation to explore the emotional and energetic seasons we experience and celebrating who we are, where we are. 

I grew up listening to "Oldies", and to be honest I still do. I think i'm an old soul in many ways, often saying "I was born in the wrong decade". So the song "Age of Aquarius" by the 5th Dimension, was one I knew and had listened to many times. But I never ever thought about what it meant until now. The opening line is" When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars". While the astrology in the song wasn't meant to be taken too seriously, the idea of the dawning of a new age, especially one linked with the most free thinking Zodiac signs was an important and hopeful message for the time.. 1969. It became a rallying cry and badge of honor for the youth-led cultural revolution that promoted a new age of peace, love and light. 

Aquarius is the water bearer, an air sign ruled by Uranus, known as progressive thinkers who are idealistic, intelligent and highly creative. Water is symbolic of enlightenment, interconnection and transformation, as its able to easily transform to solid, liquid or gas. The sign of Aquarius is the vessel or jug that carries the water and the person holding it,  offering that gift of transformation to the world. 

When designing this collection.. which i'm still working on, these are the ideas that i'm holding onto. Bringing love into the world, brining new ideas with a focus on transformation of old ideas into renewed ones. What do I love about this time in place and how can it inspire and bring confidence, power and inspiration through my designs? I like to think that my designs are jewelry collages taking bits and pieces of all my inspirations and sprinkling them throughout the collection. 

Below are behind the scenes and work in progress photos of our designs that will be released on the last day of Aquarius, February 18th, 2023. 



February 01, 2023 — Alex Camacho