After an abnormally, fast-paced Pisces Season that featured five planetary changes, revelations of endings and the completion of karmic lessons, the Astrological New Year commences as the Sun enters Aries, side by side with the (northern hemisphere) Spring Equinox. From March 20th to April 20th, we begin a new journey with a fresh slate and some incredibly potent, manifesting energy. Symbolically, the energy represents the Fool card in tarot, walking fearlessly off the cliff into the unknown, with blind faith and trust in the universe. This season, our job is to follow the passion of our dreams, as we plant the seeds of new creations that we continue to build on throughout the year. 

With all planets direct, Saturn newly in Pisces, Pluto about to dip his toes into Aquarius, and Eclipse Season just one New Moon away, our energy exits the emotional flow of “I Believe”, Pisces Season, and enters “I DO” energy of Aries. It’s time to take those Piscean dreams and back them with action, as the cardinal fire of Aries fuels us with high energy and motivation. As one season meshes into the next, water rolls into fire and generates the motto: “I Believe in Self”. In the element of fire, passion is the driver that strokes our enthusiasm, catching us up with this fast-paced energy as we run like hell towards the start of our new beginnings.

While the previous Season’s New Moon in Pisces was centered around releasing, the March 21st New Moon in Aries is the precursor and first of two that work in tangent with one another, boosting our inspired manifestations. With Mercury in alignment with this lunation, it’s important to be very mindful of your thoughts during this time, as we have balance of head and heart, backed by the power of Equinox energy to start manufacturing concepts into tangible reality. Although the path ahead is not 100% clear, stabilizing energy from Saturn offers support, a Venus/North Node conjunction triggers transformation surrounding love and finances, through destined events, while Jupiter in Aries acts as the hype man, bringing luck and optimism towards the risks we take. It’s time to ignite our own fire by putting our intentions out into the world. 

Where Pisces energy is about endings and reincarnation, Aries represents the first spark of creation, an energy that trailblazes, digging out their own path of independence and following the direction of one’s own determination. Aries is the warrior, the survivor and the risk-taker, rolling the dice, shooting their shot and harnessing abundant energy from their ruling planet Mars, the planet that all initiation of energy is born from. Aries season is about bravado-backed action and clear-cut leadership that’s driven by what you really, really want. Give yourself permission to be self-focused on your personal direction this season, as the seeds you plant now will directly reflect the harvest you gather 6-months from now on the Fall Equinox.  

In Pisces season we were passive and went with the flow, however, Aries Season doesn’t work like that. You may find yourself being more confrontational and a straight shooter, dealing with people and situations directly and in blunt terms. It’s no wonder that Aries’s symbol is the Ram, pushing the energy forward and approaching life head on. While this is necessary energy for getting things off the ground, be mindful of how you handle delicate conversations, keeping in mind that we all feel more sensitive toward criticism, especially after March 25th, when Mars moves into Cancer after a 7-month stay in Gemini, and increases the influence that our emotions have over our actions.

On April 5th/6th, the Full Moon in Libra marks the first Full Moon of the astrological New Year, and the seventh out of seven, consecutive Full Moons at 16º that’s been guiding us through the progress of our individual storylines that began during the last Eclipse Season. The energy brings expansive and exciting energy, as well as deep healing that is most prevalent to those with significant placements in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, or those with personal planets or angles at 16º. With this lunation occurring on the relationship axis, we are asked to find balance between “ME” and “WE”, especially as realizations surrounding relationships surface. For some, fated conversations or new understandings can come into play. In this self- focused season, this Moon reminds us the importance of balance, illuminating an area of our life where we need a more harmonious equilibrium between who we are as a solo act and who we are in relation to our partnerships.

Aries Season comes to a close with a big sendoff. Just a few hours before the Sun enters Taurus, the Black New Moon Solar Eclipse in 29º Aries, slides in at the last hour on April 19th and throws us into an Eclipse Season, that brings forward a new 2-year cycle of fated lessons surrounding relationships, on the Aries/Libra axis. This destined energy illuminates’ themes surrounding our independence, confidence and self-assertion, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in the area of life that rules Aries, over the next 6-months. For me personally, I do not work with manifestation rituals during Eclipses, as this fated energy can be highly unpredictable. Instead, I find that this energy is best for rest, reflection and self-care.

 While Aries Season is always a powerful time of action- oriented manifestation, this one holds extra weight. With Saturn in Pisces kicking off a new 3-year cycle, and Pluto in Aquarius starting a new 20-year generational cycle, we are embarking on some powerful new beginnings. This is the last month with all planets direct, so make the most of this energy and be the Ram. Push yourself forward with action, aggressively blazing the trail of the path you intend to create for yourself.

Happy Spring Equinox + Happy Birthday Aries!

-Rebel Venus Astrology

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March 22, 2023 — Alex Camacho