For the last few months, we have been working on developing this campaign behind the scenes. This project aims to highlight female and female identifying creatives, makers, and visual artists, prompting them to visually express what “Living in their magic” means to them. What inspires them to create, when do they feel most magical? How do they harness their power?

 The journey of being an artist and building my company has been just as much a business venture as it has been a journey for my soul. I have learned so much about myself, have grown into myself and have had to examine why I do what I do and what my purpose is.

 Last year, while working on our Ascension 14k Gold Collection, it really became apparent to me that I feel I live in my true magic when I’m able to bring people together, lift them up and most importantly inspire them to be the best they can be, their highest self.

 Now I’m not claiming to be a guru or someone who has all the answers, but I do know that positivity and encouragement is my magic. Seeing the light in someone's eye, getting them motivated or making someone feel beautiful, that's what drives me each day. I didn't know that when I first started making jewelry, but it's because I make it that I learned this about myself. The one thing that almost brings tears of joy is when someone tells me they get compliments every time they wear Acid Queen jewelry. Not because my work is getting the compliment, but because that compliment made my customer feel good, and in most cases brightened their day. As a designer and creator that's what I want to embody every day and it has become my true purpose in life because everyone has beauty and magic in them, and they deserve to know it and show it!

 I have collaborated with a ton of artists and photographers over the years, but I often felt that I didn't know what to say about the collaborations or that the only reason was to promote and sell my jewelry, which felt empty to me. By no means was that a reflection on the work we did, but my relationship to that work. What I was really seeking was purpose. With this project I really wanted to explore and shine a light on the women who inspire me, coming together to create meaningful content that speaks to our WHY.

Our first artist feature is @light_witch who’s visual artistry I’ve admired for many years. Courtney has an ability to bring female empowerment and magic to the forefront, with bewitching imagery that has the ability to take us to another world.

When I first contacted her about this project, Courtney knew that she wanted to create a set of images that embraced the magic of the four elements, fire, air, earth and water as her magic stems from harnessing the natural world
In a world where we feel we are not being seen it’s more important to push forward with efforts that bring us together and celebrate each other in every way we can. Each month we will be featuring a series of photos and video that explores these ideas, created by a woman who's work and journey I admire and value. 

So what does living in your magic mean to you?
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Shoot Credits:
Photographer: Courtney Brooke @light_witch - Website
Model: @c0smikdebris
Jewelry: @acidqueenjewelry
Magical items: @sorceressandthestone
Black Dress:  @ixdoxdeclare
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March 28, 2023 — Alex Camacho