After a cerebral Gemini Season that efficiently prepared us for seasonal change with its mode of mutable, adaptability, the sign of the twins passes the torch to Cancer on June 21st – July 22nd and celebrates its entrance alongside the Summer Solstice. As we move forward into the season of Sun, the initiating cardinal energy pushes us into the next cycle and influences our expression of energy through the emotional lens of water. In the northern hemisphere, the Summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, offering us a moment of gratitude to honor the growth of seeds planted during the Spring Equinox. Now we take a slight pause and take stock, as we release into the flow of our deepest feelings and let the waves take us into the next season of our lives. 

In the previous season we embraced the Mercurial energy through the element of air, letting it  emphasize the breeze of cerebral energy, communication and information that led us to little moments of inspiration. With a curious mind and a slight emotional detachment, we gathered data and observed through the lens of logic. Now, as we embrace this Season of the Moon, we switch gears completely, pivoting from what we know intellectually to what we feel emotionally. What Gemini discerns through logic, Cancer understands through emotional feelers and intuitive hits. 

Cancer Season represents the mother, the divine feminine energy that nurtures with emotional softness and gives birth to new life with strength. Just like her ruler, the Moon, she symbolizes our roots, reflects how we grew up, and represents the lineage connected to the woman in our families that came generations before us and imprinted us in ways that are often hidden. Throughout this Season, the external expression of the previous season now gets directed inward, bringing focus to our home, family and private lives. You may find yourself spending more time at home with family or concentrating on personal projects. If you have been debating on trying some type of healing modality, this is the perfect time to go for it. With Pluto and Saturn now retrograde, Neptune will join these outer planets in backward motion on June 30th, adding to the internal reflectiveness of the energy, while the Moon’s influence pulls us deeper into the subconscious realms. 

Venus continues to transit Leo throughout Cancer Season, traveling in close

proximity to Mars in Leo until July 10th,  when Mars will enter Virgo and turn us all into self-improvement perfectionists. During this time, we have a lot of opportunities for deep healing, especially when Mercury enters Cancer on June 26th. If Cancer is the mother, and Leo is the child, childhood wounds and mother wounds may surface so they can be addressed. Whatever comes up for you during this time will likely be very relevant, especially over the next few months when Venus stations retrograde just seconds before the Sun enters Leo. None of us make it out of Cancer Season without shedding a few tears but the flipside is that the energy generates some potent, creative opportunities. Pull out the art supplies.

On July 3rd, the Full Buck Moon and first supermoon of 2023, illuminates the sky in 11º Capricorn, appearing larger than life with its close proximity to Earth. The Moon opposes a Sun/Mercury conjunction on the axis representing our public life versus our private life and illuminates where these themes are tipped out of balance. Think in terms of success in work life versus success in home life. Communication, ideas or information surrounding these themes will be busy during this time! The Moon harmonizes with Jupiter and Saturn, directing our focus towards expanding our horizons and beliefs around these themes, while aiding us to create updated systems or boundaries that can support our efforts. While this Moon will be significant for all of us, the Cardinal signs, (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will feel this most significantly!

This Season the sensitivity pours out of us, and at times can interfere with clarity. Emotions have a tendency to act as a holding place for logic, creating a psychic static that can potentially lead us into spells of overthinking or misjudging what we think we know, solely by what we feel. Our energy levels become just as changeable as the Moon, making us vulnerable to mood swings and unwanted attachments to other people’s energy. Ask yourself: is what I’m feeling mine, or does it belong to someone else? Consistent energy clearing and protective/grounding stones can help with this! Where the previous season felt extroverted and sought out a variety of experiences, Cancer energy will have us seeking the comfort and familiarity of those we have history with and who know us best. In Cancer Season, nostalgia rules which can stir up feelings that have us wanting to revisit the past, which is no wonder that they are referred to as the emotional historians of the zodiac. Just be careful what you poke because like I’ve already mentioned, next month's Venus Retrograde may deliver you blasts from the past!

To have strong Cancer energy is not always an easy ride, especially since so many of their life lessons have to do with understanding and navigating the power of their emotions. To feel everything can be exhausting, and at times overwhelming, as they are prone to picking up on all of the energies around them like a psychic sponge. Where we may have felt like an open book in the previous season, the heavy Water energy can cause us to feel as if saying too much will bare our souls and expose our vulnerabilities, especially if you feel pushed to do so. Just like Cancer’s symbol the Crab, there is a tendency to crawl back into your protective shell and close up completely, especially if you are sorting through some deep feels. Once the Cancer enters her shell, defenses are up, causing her to display a bit of a sideways moving energy that shys away from direct approaches or straightforward communication. If you find yourself doing this, it’s important to remember that people aren’t mind readers (like Cancer), so if you don’t say what you are thinking or feeling, nobody will understand your needs! While this quality can feel like a bit of a curse, it’s also what makes natives of this sign extremely understanding with a natural ability to heal those around them. 

On July 17th, with just a few days left in the Season the New Moon in 24º

Cancer, brings some powerful energy that is both karmic and potent for manifesting. As we plant the seeds of new intentions there is a lot here that has to do with transforming our personal lives, although not without sorting through some very intense energy. For some, fated energy, in regard to relationships and contracts will bring a wave of independence that produces big change, quick moving energy and long-term impact. Many of us will be starting big projects and cycles that will carry us into a new chapter. On the same day, the North Node of destiny (our future) moves into Aries, while the South Node (our past), moves into Libra, creating new karmic cycles that will dictate the energies of Eclipse themes for the next 18 months. From now until October, it can feel like we are in-between two different timelines. While we will all be navigating this significant energy, Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) as well as those with Aries North Nodes, will be feeling this energy the most.

Cancer Season is a time of getting in touch with our most intimate feelings, so that we can learn how to navigate the swells that come up when we are swimming through deep water. Almost everything in our lives is impacted by the impressions left on us from our earliest childhood experiences, whether we recognize it or not. Now we give ourselves permission to feel and unearth it all, as we decode our subconscious through dreams, memories and psychic imprints that have made their mark on us through the emotional history of previous generations. It’s not always comfortable but it leaves us with a newfound strength and tenacity that is constructed from our most tender moments. 


Happy Birthday Cancer!

With Love, Rebel Venus Astrology

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Planet: Moon

Element: Water Sign

Colors: White and Silver


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June 23, 2023 — Alex Camacho