Aquarius Season comes in like a revitalizing breeze, after a particularly challenging and slow-moving Capricorn Season that coincided with dual retrogrades, as both Mars and Mercury worked through their backwards motion. Although New Year’s Eve came and went, the retrograde energies had us so focused on reviewing themes of 2022, that it was hard to feel that “fresh start”, we typically experience in the beginning of the new year. 

With Mars, Mercury and Uranus direct, the Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th, just one day before the New Moon in Aquarius, brought in an upsurge of renewed energy and movement on January 21st. Finally, we can really feel that switchup of energy take hold. During Capricorn Season we dug in our heels, pushed through tedious tasks, reviewed the lessons of the previous year, and navigated the darkest time of the year, by shining our internal light through the lens of personal authority and introspection. 

Known as the water bearers, Aquarius is the most evolved air-sign, using water to wash away and detach from remnants of the past, continuously making room for future growth and experiences. This combination of intertwining logic, wisdom and spirituality, becomes the basis of how Aquarians use their unique and fiercely independent nature to detach from cultural, societal + emotional norms, in a way that inspires the reform of traditional, Capricorn structures. 

As a sign of dual rulership, Saturn, the traditional ruler, and Uranus, the modern-day ruler, we experience a complexity of energy that weaves traditional, Saturnian values, with rebellious, Uranian, eccentricity. Visually, it’s kind of like “C.E.O. meets punk-rock-anarchist,  meets Bill Nye the Science Guy”. Point being, is that Aquarian energy is both structured and logical, but also progressive, futuristic and ahead of its time. Dependability meets adaptability.

 Aquarius is fixed air, a persistent energy that conceptualizes the world around them from original ideas, born from the higher mind. During this season, we use this energy to detach from Capricorn's conformist restraints of traditional practicality and push ourselves to think outside the box. What is your wildest, weirdest, and most authentic vision of what you want your life to look like? Aquarian season is a crucial time of year, where we release the constraints of how we normally view life and allow ourselves to embrace our most eccentric and open-minded selves. It’s that spark of self- innovation, and broad thinking that has the power to carry and create the vision and progression towards our hopes and dreams throughout the entire year. As Pluto prepares his March 2023, ingress into Aquarius, after 15 years in Capricorn, Aquarius Season and the work we focus on throughout it, holds extra significance, as we get an energetic preview of what’s to come.

On February 5th, the Full Moon illuminates the sky at 16º Leo and brings tension, potentially sparking change between what you want and what you need. On the Leo/Aquarius axis there is a focus on how we operate as an individual, versus how we work as a collective society. With Uranus highly activated by squares from the Sun + Moon, you can utilize this creative energy by cultivating the passions that drive you and showcasing who you are as an independent person. The possibility for unexpected events or drama to be revealed is high, so be mindful of how you interact with others. Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius + Scorpio, will feel this energy significantly. 

During this season, it’s normal to feel restless and bored with your day-to-day routine, making it helpful to allow yourself freedom from those strict, Capricorn, structures that had its grip on us during the previous season. This is a time of constructing the game plan for whatever area of life you are looking to reinvent, so the more you can encourage creativity, the more space you create for those higher-minded ideas to evolve. With the Air element of Aquarius triggering downloads and flashes of ideas, you may notice you go through spurts of high-energy, followed up by periods of rest in between. As the visions come through, don’t assume your concepts are unattainable just because you haven’t seen it done before. This is an energy that embodies invention born from your own unique, originality.

As Mercury moves into Aquarius on February 11th- March 2nd, your ability to think beyond traditional constraints becomes even more elevated, to the point where your mind is so busy that it can be hard to turn off your thoughts. If you struggle with anxiety, make sure to take extra care of your nervous system, as this abundance of cerebral-air energy can feel  overstimulating.

If you find yourself contemplating areas of your life that no longer resonate, Aquarius season provides the energy that supports healthy detachment, assisting you as you move away from the people, places and spaces that it’s time to break free of. The fixed nature of this season can be resistant to change, but once your mind is made up, the determination and perseverance of the energy, has the strength to make it stick. Where Capricorn Season focused on status quo, Aquarius Season is ready to shake that shit up. Just be mindful that the fixed modality of this season doesn’t make you inflexible to the point where it becomes limiting. 

 During this season, there is emphasis on finding and embracing connections to groups, communities and friendships that are a reflection of your views, making it a great time to mix and mingle with new people, especially if you’ve been moving away from old paradigms. Humanitarian causes and social justice issues tend to ramp up, and with Pluto on the brink of Aquarius, we should expect to see an abundance of change makers, bringing light to a variety of injustice. As we see a rise of these issues continue to surface, this is the perfect time to get involved with organizations that attract like-minded individuals and mindsets. 

 Aquarius Season represents radical revolution through the breaking down of institutionalized, Capricorn-made, structures. It is the energy of the observer, who carefully analyzes their surroundings from a place of personal detachment, and with the viewpoint of fairness and equality, rooting for the underdog. As you work with this energy, think about how you can create stability through necessary chaos that brings you closer to your future vision. Allow your authenticity to shine and  embrace that lone wolf energy when you need it.

Happy Birthday Aquarius! 

Zodiac Birth Stones + Supportive Stones for the Season

Aquarius Zodiac Stone:  Jan 21 - Feb 18   Garnet: Friendly and humanitarian, honest and loyal, original and inventive, independent and intellectual. Intractable and contrary, perverse and unpredictable, unemotional and detached.  

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January 25, 2023 — Alex Camacho