The full moon has has a long history of being a potent symbol across many cultures. The energy of the full moon enables us to tap into the frequencies of renewal, reflection, and spiritual insight when we open our hearts and minds.  

This week, we are gifted with the enchanting full moon in Sagittarius, which washes over our nighttime skies on the evening of Thursday, May 23. Each full moon we have the opportunity to harness the energies they provide, enhancing our spiritual practices and personal growth. By consciously aligning with these energies, we can harmonize with the astrological events and become more attuned to the cycles of the year.

Did you know that one of the most effective ways to harness any full moon's energy is by using it to cleanse your gemstone jewelry and crystals? Just as our thoughts and behaviors can collect negative energies, so can our stones. Cleansing your gemstone jewelry and crystals under the full moon not only energetically purifies them but also recharges them with the moon's transformative energy.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius encourages us to RELEASE:
🌕 Release the need to hold onto details.
⭐ Release the desire to understand how things are going to manifest.
🌕 Release any lower vibrations that no longer serve you.
⭐ Release the need for control.


Sagittarius, with its known adventurous spirit, seeks to roam freely and explore the world with wonder and a dash of mischief. This full moon invites us to toss everything into the air and joyfully watch as the pieces fall where they may. Literally. Sagittarius is the sign that treasures exploring the unknown. They are the King and Queens of uncharted lands. So, when you experience the full moon this week, keep that energy in mind.

The sign Sagittarius rules teaching, and sharing…so I am tapping into this, and sharing with you the magical process of lunar crystal cleansing.

The sign also rules the vulnerability it takes to learn from others…are you open to learning during this lunar cycle? 

If so…keep reading. 

The Full Moon In Sagittarius Ritual: Cleansing and Charging Your Gemstone Jewelry 

Gather All Your Gemstone Jewelry and Crystals

Most of us have heard about cleansing and charging the crystals you keep around you, but what’s even more important and impactful is cleansing and charging the crystals you keep on you. These pieces absorb the energy of every place, person, and emotion you encounter while wearing them–including your own. 

Remember that time you got into an argument when you wore your favorite quartz ring?  The crystal does….and it might need some cleansing!

Regularly cleansing and charging your jewelry allows it to vibrate energetically at its highest potential and maximize its unique properties. 

Are you sensitive to subtle energies? Then you'll feel the difference when you wear freshly cleansed pieces. And if you’ve been subconsciously avoiding wearing your favorite jewelry, it might be because it requires cleansing before you should wear it again…

Are you ready to infuse your life with even more magic?  It’s time to collect all your crystals and crystal jewelry for this full moon ritual…🔮

Acid Queen Gem: Certain crystals like citrine, opal, and sapphire should not be placed in direct moonlight due to their particular properties. If you’re unsure whether your crystals or crystal jewelry can be charged in moonlight, pop your crystal question in an email HERE, and I will get back to you.

Choose The Perfect Location

Finding the right spot for your full moon ritual is essential and you, might be surprised to learn where my preferred location is...

Windowsills: Yes, the idea of your crystals drinking in the moonlight outdoors is very romantic, but it’s not always practical or the safest place. Rain, potential loss, living in an apartment, and other variables can interfere with the potency of this ritual. A windowsill that faces the moonlight is just as effective, with fewer concerns.

 Preparing The Ritual With Intentions

All energy work begins with intentions and mindfulness

After placing your crystals and crystal jewelry on a moonlit windowsill…it’s now time to set your intentions. 

Do you want to cleanse the pieces of stagnant energy?

Are you looking to release negative energy?

Would you like the moonlight to infuse your pieces with love and remove any heaviness?

Take a moment to breathe deeply and focus on what you wish to achieve from this full moon ritual. The answers will come to you, give yourself time to sit in this long enough until you know exactly what it is you desire from the full moon. 

Let The Moon Work Its Enchantment

With your pieces set out and intentions known, let the magic of the moon do its work. You can continue to sit in the energy of the full moon, meditate, journal, or simply go to sleep. Leave your crystals and crystal jewelry out all night, allowing the moon's magic to weave through them, cleansing and recharging each piece.

When The Sun Is Up - The Ritual Is Complete

It’s very important to collect your pieces the next morning. While sunlight is also a powerful cleanser, certain crystals shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight for too long, as they can lose color or become brittle. 

Once you and the sun have risen, the ritual is complete. 

Gather your pieces and as you touch each item, share your gratitude to the moon, the crystals, and the energies that allowed you to complete this ritual with ease.

Missed the Full Moon? While the Full Moon offers a potent energy to utilize, there are many other ways to charge and cleanse your gemstone jewelry during other times of the month and you can find those tips in our Blog: How to Cleanse Your Crystals & Gemstone Jewelry.

If you do this full moon ritual and cleanse any pieces from Acid Queen, be sure to snap a photo of your moon ceremony and tag us in stories on Instagram @acidqueenjewelry,  we would absolutely love to see your full moon magick.

If you want to take your cleansing further, you can physically cleanse your jewelry by scooping up our Jewelry Revitalizing Kit. This includes a two-part cleaning system with restoring cream and polishing spray in reusable, travel-sized glass bottles. Ideally, you would cleanse with moonlight, and then the next morning do a physical cleanse. 

As we continue to work with the moon's phases, be sure to check out part two of this series, which is coming soon, there we will dive into how to program our crystals and crystal jewelry with intentions, breath, and meditation during the next new moon.

Until then…Keep on living in your magic!

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Love, Light and Magic
May 22, 2024 — Alex Camacho