As the days grow longer and the warmth of the sun envelops Mother Earth, the Summer Solstice arrives. Bringing with it a powerful surge of new energy, and an enchanted sense of renewal. At Acid Queen Jewelry, we harness the vibrant, extroverted energy of summer and welcome this precious point on the Wheel of the Year as a celebration of the season's magical connection to nature and community. This year, we wanted to tie the celebration of honoring the start of summer with the introduction to our limited-edition Wheel of the Year box.. Our first box enchants the senses and replenishes our bodies while celebrating all that Summer brings us. This box was carefully curated as we hand-selected each piece with the intention to tap into the Summer Solstice energy and honor the magic of collaboration. 


But before we get into the contents of the box, I want to tell you a little bit more about the small mountain town I, and the other makers featured in the box, live in; Idyllwild, CA. Nestled in the San Jacinto mountains above Palm Springs lies a small town that sits at just about 6000 ft in the sky. We are a small tight knit community of just under 4,000 people made up of musicians, artists, healers, business owners, actors, outdoor enthusiasts, and countless others, that make for an eclectic and beautiful place to visit or call home.. And did I mention that our mayor is a Golden Retriever named Max? It’s true.. But more on that later!



Having lived on 40 acres of forest land while living in Maryland, we moved to my hometown of Los Angeles in 2015. However, after 4 years there, the country boy in Jo just couldn’t hang any longer so we decided to make the move to the mountains in 2019 and never looked back. This year marks our 5th year in Idyllwild and throughout my time here I’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting truly exceptional, talented and passionate individuals who I’m honored to call my friends. Part of my magic as a Libra is my ability to connect others and it has been a passion of mine, whenever possible, to share and uplift my community. With that, I bring to you our Limited Edition Wheel of the Year Box, my ode to the mountain I call my home, and a small taste of the magic that this beautiful mountain has to offer. 


The Energy of Summer and Its Connection to Us

The Wheel of the Year teaches us about the cyclical nature of life, acting as a gentle reminder that each season comes with its unique energy, lesson, and wisdom to share with us. The summer season asks us to embrace our extroverted desires, gather with friends, dance with innovative ideas, and celebrate the flourishing of nature around us. Every turn of the season is another opportunity to honor the cycle of the year and to mindfully reflect on the teachings that every season holds.

The Summer Solstice marks a moment to soak in the abundance that is around you. To be aware of the growth, both within you and the growth of nature that is blooming around you. The sun, now at its peak for the year, wraps us in its warmth and light, deepening our connection to ourselves and what we are manifesting. 

Inviting You to Explore Our Summer Solstice Box

This time of the year is a tribute to new energy, and honoring the community that supports us in our day-to-day lives…with this, we invite you to explore our limited-edition Summer Solstice Box! This was crafted as a way to celebrate the ~green witch~ in all of us this summer, as each item here has been chosen to directly enhance your connection to both the earth and your relationship to this summer season. Every item was birthed from a woman I not only know but cherish greatly, I wanted this box to be an expression of the love I have for the community in my life, and my deep connection to their artistry. 

…With this, I share with you this one-of-a-kind box that is dripping with unique finds and treasures to stoke the summer flames within you…

Adorn yourself with the stone of attunement with the Sorceress Lariat Necklace with Herkimer Diamond  

 Here at Acid Queen Jewelry, we wouldn’t dare make a Summer Solstice Box, and not leave you dripping in jewels! This limited-edition box comes with our Sorceress Herkimer Diamond Necklace in sterling silver. Think of this necklace as draping yourself in the tapestry of mystical energies before leaving the house. Serving as a conduit for the potent energies of the Summer Solstice, this piece adorns you with high vibrational energy and the ability to dance into your day with balance and alignment with every step you take. Please note that these are natural stones that come in various shapes, each necklace will be slightly different.

Step into self-care this season with Ultra Petal Face Oil 

Crafted by Dr. Amalia Gardner, a Holistic Doctor and Clinical Herbalist, this luscious elixir is infused with the energetic essence of the Summer Solstice. Enriched with Olive Oil for vitality and renewal, Evening Primrose Oil that nourishes the skin during the summer months, Lavender that purifies and protects against free radicals, Rose Oil that is filled with antioxidants, Frankincense that grounds and enhances spiritual connection, and Sandalwood that provides hydration and has an earthy aroma that grounds you…this face oil was birthed for summer! 


Be one with nature as you use Into the Wild Bug Repellent 

Crafted by Marisa of the brand WILDLAND ORGANICS, this 84% organic plant-based anti-bug spray is more than just a simple potion…it's a shield woven from the very essence of the earth itself! 

Featuring nourishing organic jojoba oil and aloe - this lightweight spray rubs easily into the skin, leaving a silky smooth feel and a fresh natural scent with notes of Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Lavender & Tea Tree. 

You'll soon be able to roam freely into the forest and explore the beauty of mother nature while knowing your skin is protected and nourished. 


Allow the botanicals of nature to soothe your being with this Sun Tea: Featuring Dandelion, Lemongrass + Spearmint 

Brought to life by a mountain herbal apothecary in Idyllwild, CA, called Wild + Craft this tea puts you in direct relation with the summer sun.

This Sun Tea combines dandelion, lemongrass & spearmint. Enjoy the citrusy, crisp, and slightly sweet taste of lemongrass; the cool, refreshing taste of spearmint (which grows abundantly along Idyllwild’s Strawberry Creek in the summer); and the invigorating, grassy notes of dandelion.

Sun-brewed tea is the ultimate refreshing treat on a warm day. It uses the power of the sun for a gentle brewing process that allows the natural flavors of the plants and botanicals to slowly infuse into the water. Serve your friends some sun-brewed tea at your next summer gathering, I promise they will love it!

Includes unbleached, compostable tea bags.


Tap into your senses with the Grounding Tranquility Aromatherapy Spray and Mini Meditation Candle 

Blended by Diana of Wax Apothecary in Idyllwild, CA, this formula transcends typical aromatherapy …it serves as a conduit for setting intentions during journaling, manifesting, or meditating. Quiet your mind and tap into your own grounded energy as you experience the soothing notes of patchouli, lavender, and pumpkin essential oils. Transporting you into a state of relaxation, the spray elevates any spiritual practice during the Summer Solstice and can also be utilized as a linen spray (Hot tip: I love using it on my pillow). The candle comes in a mini ceramic holder which can easily travel or live on your altar. After the candle has burned, the vessel can be used as a travel ring dish.


Settle into your summer mornings with Raw Smoky Quartz 

Summer is full of swirling energies, come back down to earth and settle into a simple morning routine by lighting your grounding meditation candle and cast a shield of grounding and protection for you and your entire day. Light your candle, hold your raw smoky quartz, and call in the energy you wish to experience! 


The Summer Solstice Box is a limited-edition release, it is only available for purchase from June 17th to June 23rd…with only 10 boxes hand-curated by me! This seasonal treat is for those who want to fully embrace the energy of summer and tap into the magic of the mountain. The box is valued at $272 but is being offered for only $238 + Free Shipping. 🔥

This is a rare opportunity to experience some of my favorite products that come directly from my community.

I wanted this Summer Solstice box to be as unique as you are, and I hope you feel the energy of that! 

Other ways to Embrace The Energy of Summer 

🌿🌞 Connect with nature - Now is the time to say goodbye to the indoors, and connect with the outside world. Cherish the moments of the sun kissing your skin by taking a walk, connecting with a tree, or reading outside under the warm sun rays. 

👫🌼 Host a gathering - Summer is deeply rooted in the connection to others as community drives a key part of this season. Invite over friends and family, gather, eat, embrace the warmer weather, and be in gratitude to the community that supports you all year long. 

📓✨ Journal - Summer calls us to reflect, to not forget what happened in the winter months but instead to see how we’ve transformed, what changes we’ve made, and where we want to go. Use this potent time to not only be in gratitude for all that you’ve done but also give gratitude for all that is coming. 

…We invite you to join us in embracing the magic of summer, connecting with Mother Earth, and celebrating the expansive, extroverted energy that this season brings…

You can order your box starting June 17th through the 23rd, will be begin shipping them on Tuesday 6/25. Let the energy of the sun and the wisdom of the seasons enhance your 2024 summer experience!

Love always,
Alex + The AQJ Team
June 12, 2024 — Alex Camacho