This month I’m celebrating love and welcoming Spring by visiting the beautiful sunny beaches and jungles of Thailand and Bali with my husband, in celebration of our honeymoon (you may have seen some photos of our wedding last September a few blogs ago )! We are already so inspired by the art, culture, and food of southeast Asia. There’s so much beauty all around us, sunsets and beaches, temples peeking up out of the jungle, hand painted signs along the roads, beautifully carved/sculpted architectural elements, and the bustling street markets. Not to mention the beautiful vistas and the INCREDIBLE (Spicy!!!) food.

Throughout our relationship adventure and travel has been something near and dear to our hearts. This experience is reminiscent of the first time we stepped into a market in Cusco, Peru just a few years back. The endless array of colors, delicious smells from sizzling grills and burning incense, as well as the endless amounts of hand-crafted jewelry was almost too much to handle! Everything about these markets creates lasting imprints in my memory and permanently connects me to the culture of places we’ve visited.

We’re so happy to be traveling again, and that Spring is finally here! It is such a wonderful time of the year where the cold and dark of winter is behind us, making way for new and pretty things in the coming weeks! Early in the morning on April 19, we’ll see the fourth full moon of 2019, which is also called the Full Pink Moon as this is when we typically begin to see Spring flowers go from bud to full bloom.

The appearance of mossy pink wild ground phlox, one of the first spring flowers, is where the full pink moon draws its name from. These blooming fields remind us of the subtle charm of the sunstone found in our Sela pendant from our new ABOVE + BELOW collection.

April is commonly a windy month and the known for spreading the seeds of many plants. This is why the April full moon is also known as the full seed moon. Rutilated Quartz, Selenite, and Angelite are also deeply connected to the element of air. On a particularly windy day, you can set these stones or your jewelry outside to charge.

The Full Moon is great time to set intentions using a simple ritual. Check out our blog discussing charging and cleansing your crystals HERE. You can wear your intention quite literally and draw from it the power as you wear any of our pieces.

Our favorite rituals to explore during the full moon include journaling, smudging, magical charging of our crystals, yoga and meditation. Hope you all are enjoying this lovely start to spring!!!

April 20, 2019 — Alex Camacho