For a long time our one-of-a-kind Shop Updates were inspired by what I was experiencing and the seasons. But for someone who really loves a plan, it always felt like I was pulling random ideas from universe, and while there is definitely magic in that, I wanted to create more cohesive "themed"collections to inspire more connection, both to my customers but to the ideas and pieces themselves, and what better way to celebrate feminine energy than exploring through the Goddesses. 

I knew some goddesses through my own research and connections to them, and others I would be learning for the first time, the idea of learning through creation was something that really spoke to me. At the beginning of the year I went through the calendar and assigned goddesses to each month based on their stories, associations, when they were honored and symbology. 

If you've been following along so far, we have already covered Hecate in January, Aclyone in February, Brigid in March, Ostara in April and Persephone in May. Upcoming for the year are Circe, Lakshmi, The Morrigan, Lilith, and Marzanna. We are always taking suggestions, so if you have a goddess in mind, let us know! I do not claim to be and expert by any means, this is an exploration of learning for me and my art is an expression of the inspiration that comes from the learning experience.

Originally the plan for June was to just focus on inspirations from Artemis, but as I learned her roman counterpart is Diana and I felt it was only fitting that with one, comes the other.


The Goddesses

Now we can dive a little deeper into who these goddesses are, and i'd love to share some beautifully written words from one of my favorite blogs,

If you go walking through the ancient woods you may cross paths with the Goddess Artemis. You will know her because her bow and arrow will be drawn or slung across her back. She is a maiden, accompanied by deer or wild hunting dogs. She is the huntress embodied, illuminated by the light of the waxing moon.

Her story originates in Greek mythology where she is known as the daughter of Leto and Zeus and the twin sister of Apollo.  She is a favorite goddess in these ancient stories and is associated with wildness, forests, marshes, and fields, where she is often depicted dancing and surrounded by nymph-like women. Her Roman counterpart is the Goddess Diana.

Artemis is said to have been a patron goddess of midwifery and of mothers (despite being the virgin goddess), and was believed to help the labor pains of those giving birth. Some say that The Fates themselves gave her this path, after delivering her twin brother Apollo.

Artemis is known as a virgin goddess, which has less to do with sexuality and more to do with self-possession. This wild huntress belongs only to herself and made a promise to herself to remain independent.

Some of her most widely known symbols are the moon, the deer, the bear, or the bow and arrow.

It was said that the god of the forests, the fawn, Pan gave Artemis her hunting dogs while in the forest of Arcadia together. The dogs are so skilled; they are even able to hunt lions.

Deer are an animal that Artemis holds as sacred creatures. Some tales describe how she harnesses them to her chariot to ride through the woods.


A Roman Goddess of the hunt and the moon, Diana was a fierce patroness to women and wild creatures everywhere.

As the Roman counterpart to the Greek Goddess Artemis, Diana shared many of the same qualities as the famous virgin Goddess. They were both a twin—born to the God of thunder, and made to be just as fierce. Both ruled over the wild lands—the beautiful huntress with steady arm and focused shot. And both held their chastity as a vital part of their mission—although some myths do say that Diana eventually took up a consort and bore children.

Diana was also considered to be an aspect of the Roman Triple Goddess—a representation of the three main aspects of the feminine. The Triple Goddess was said to be comprised of Diana, the Goddess of the hunt, Luna, the primary lunar Goddess, and Hecate, the Goddess of the Underworld. Together they formed a powerful feminine influence that was as light as it was dark—as pure as it was wild. All feminine, all women, all divine.

Now, Diana was said to play quite a diverse role in her rulership and domains. It is said that she helped ferry souls into the Underworld—acting as a psychopomp of sorts, much like her fellow Triple Goddess, Hecate.

They say she was also the primary protectress of women in labor—being a Goddess of childbirth, fertility, and children. Her connection to the moon also links her deeply to both the moon and the menstrual cycles—waxing and waning alongside her fellow feminine creatures, flowing with the rhythms of nature itself.


The Jewelry

When I set out to design any goddess collection, the first thing I do is read their stories. I have a few goddess books including one that was recommended to be called Encyclopedia of Goddesses & Heroines by Patricia Monaghan PHD. I also do research online, look at art inspired by them and listen to podcasts. I take some notes of things that speak to me, but for the most part I want to absorb their essence, like sitting in a room of incense and taking in the smell. I want the creation of my pieces to be purely intuitive.

I always try to use as many stones that are typically associated with each goddess, but there's also an aspect of what they would be drawn to, what would they wear?

Both Diana and Artemis are associated most with Amethyst, Moonstone and Jade. Amethyst represents their strength and how they protect women and girls. Moonstone represents the night, magic and the hunt. Jade is associated with powers over conception and childbirth. But I also included Quartz the master healer, labradorite which is associated transformation, Dendritic Opal which provides balance and clarity, Pyrite associated with protection and intellect, plus others I sprinkled in there. 

As far as design goes, I like to take key symbols associated with each goddess and do my own interpretations of them. For this collection you will see my versions of bows, arrows, antlers and moons. I also wove in my love for art nouveau because to the designs are so feminine, but strong and bold at the same time. I created pieces that I see on these goddesses in my minds eye. 


The Shop Update

For June we will have one large update as opposed to two medium sized ones. All of the pieces will be released on Saturday June 18th, 2022. The first hour of our Shop Update is hosted on a secret password protected page, only accessible by our VIP Inner Circle (Email list). After that, all the remaining pieces are moved to our OOAK (One of a kind) section.  Joining our Inner Circle doesn't just give you access to VIP Shopping, but you also get exclusive content, access to exclusive sales and discounts, behind the scene content and more!

artemis inspired collection
artemis and diana goddess inspired collection
artemis and diana goddess inspired collection
artemis and diana goddess inspired collection


Artemis + Diana Inspired Collection: Sneak Peek + Behind the Scenes
Artemis + Diana Inspired Collection: Sneak Peek + Behind the Scenes
Artemis + Diana Inspired Collection: Sneak Peek + Behind the Scenes
June 13, 2022 — Alex Camacho