It's time for another edition of "What's in the Stars" for June 2022 with our "In house" Astrologer, Emily Greene. Astrology is something that plays a large role in my life, as i'm sure it does for many of you. Becoming more aware of how these planets, moons and stars can effect our own energy or the energy around us, empowers us to make choices and decisions that allow us to not only connect the dots, but to truly live in, and create our own magic. 

June Forecast: After a whirlwind of heavy, cosmic energies brought in by Eclipse Season, June begins by taking us into the heart of Gemini season. The adaptable and communicative energy of mutable-air brings in a much-needed lightness. Although the fragments of Eclipse season may still be swirling around us, we can feel the emotional weights beginning to lift as the Gemini urge to create, analyze and network takes hold. 

Mars and Jupiter continue their transit through Aries, energizing our vitality levels and boosting our confidence. After many months of heavy, dreamy, Pisces energy, we now have the supportive fire to initiate action towards our goals. After 4 weeks of retrograde, Mercury in Taurus stations direct motion on June 3rd, relaxing the restraints around communication and misunderstandings. The confusion of the past few weeks subsides but with Mercury still in his post-shadow period until June 18th, we can still have some lingering retrograde moments. 

On June 4th, Saturn, the planet of karmic retribution and distributor of life lessons stations retrograde in Aquarius until October 22nd. This is a time where we collectively and individually reflect on the areas in our lives that are no longer serving us. For the next six months, focus on creating your own structures and rules to live by, while also eliminating the ones that no longer serve you.

On June 13th Mercury joins the Sun in Gemini and our intellectual process becomes comparable to high- speed internet! We easily multi-task and our mindset becomes inquisitive, open minded and enthusiastic, although our decision making can be challenged by our own inconsistency. June 14th brings the optimistic, Strawberry - Supermoon in Sagittarius, that motivates us to expand our horizons by taking necessary leaps of faith. This is not one to miss, as the Moon will appear HUGE due to its close proximity to earth. This is a powerful time of the month to charge your crystals, practice full moon rituals and to brew your moon water.

Happy Summer Solstice! The Sun enters the intuitive waters of Cancer on June 21st and brings us back into our emotional bodies after a month of slightly detached air energy. This is the season of the divine feminine energy; the fierce nurturer and protector who brings new life into creation. During this season we tend to focus more on home and family while becoming more demonstrative with acts of sentiment and love. That being said, Cancer season always makes me think of that Lana Del Rey song, Summertime Sadness, because we can easily drop into that pessimistic, depressed side of the energy, so don’t be surprised if your mood is constantly in flux.

Venus begins her transit through Gemini on June 22nd, and we value variety, when it comes to romance and social relationships. Intellectual exchanges with others can be very attractive, but it’s hard to settle on just one thing or person when your interests are this broad. By June 28th Neptune stations retrograde until December 3rd. This soft, nuanced energy affects the mutable signs (Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo) the most but the trick is to not  allow self-doubt to  cloud your intuition. Keep trusting your gut.

The month ends as the New Moon in Cancer coincides with the Neptune RX on June 28th. We can expect this lunation to be particularly strong, being that the Moon is Cancer’s natural ruler. This highly psychic Moon has us looking inwards, bringing to our attention to themes surrounding motherhood, inner child work and the divine feminine archetype. The manifestation potential is powerful, harness this energy and create some magic.

Emily offers a variety of readings which can be found at: or, through her Instagram at @rebel_venus_astrology

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June 02, 2022 — Alex Camacho