For eons, the crystal ball has been held as a symbol of sorcery. Depicted throughout history, in modern day movies to invoke the energy of magic, and seen as a symbol for the craft. These magical spheres have been sought out by witches, shamans, and those who wish to communicate with what lies beyond the veil. A crystal ball allows you to peer into the unknown, and we are bringing back this ancient tool to glimpse into the infinite with our Crystal Ball Pendulum Necklace!

Gather around as we dive into the depths of the rich history of crystal balls, their bewitched properties, and how you can integrate this piece of functional jewelry (and others) into your manifestation and divination practices today!

Photo by: Courtney Brooke of Light Witch

The Magical History of Crystal Balls and Their Uses

Crystal balls, often known as divination orbs, seer stones, or scrying stones, have captivated mystics for centuries. Ancient druids used these tools for divination, and during the Middle Ages, crystal balls became a popular medium for divination in Europe. From witches to wizards to seers, this tool has served as a way to connect with psychic energies. The crystal ball has long been touted as a means for fortune-telling and has since become widely associated with magical practices.

Manifestation and divination lie at the heart of crystal ball magic. This tool supports your metaphysical practices by amplifying your intentions and enhancing your ability to manifest abundance. Crystal balls also play an important role in divination, a practice where you seek guidance from higher realms, including your higher self! They can be used for crystal gazing or as a pendulum to receive answers in your divination rituals.

Our Crystal Ball Pendulum Necklace

Here at Acid Queen Jewelry, it is our goal to craft pieces that merge ancient wisdom, symbols, and magic into wearable art. Our Crystal Ball Pendulum Necklace is not just an accessory; it is a magical tool designed to be empowering and functional.

Did you know…You’re not just purchasing a beautiful piece of jewelry; you’re acquiring a magical tool?

Our Crystal Ball Pendulum Necklaces have two hidden features that every sorceress should know about!

Fidget Spinner Feature: The first hidden treasure of this necklace is its functional ability to be used as a fidget spinner.

Do you have social anxiety? 

Need to tap into a flow state and focus? 

Looking to ground yourself in the current moment? 

Want to bring a sense of calmness to your day?

By gently spinning this Crystal Ball Pendulum Necklace, you can enjoy the benefits of a proper fidget spinner. Except yours is a lavish Clear Quartz Crystal Ball that drapes down your neck and spills into your fingertips for ease. 

Hot Tip: All of our Crystal Ball jewelry have this features as well!

This isn't just for moments of a heightened nervous system; the ability to spin this Clear Quartz sphere can enhance your concentration during meditation, prayer, manifestation practices, and while speaking affirmations. It can provide a calming distraction for your mind that wishes to wander and will help guide you back to your center. 

Divination Tool:

We call it a pendulum necklace for a reason; this necklace acts as a functional pendulum and can be used for divination in many ways! But this isn't the only piece of jewelry we create that can be used in this way, check out our Crystal Ball Collection and our Crystal Drop pieces that can be used as well. 

From allowing you to practice the ancient art of dowsing, a magical divination tool for seeking answers, to using it to communicate directly with your guides, to scrying.

The Crystal Ball Pendulum Necklace serves as a powerful tool to connect with your higher self and spiritual allies in times of need or decision-making.

Create a Manifestation Practice with the Crystal Ball Pendulum Necklace

…To truly unlock the potential of this necklace, we recommend not just wearing it, but learning to work with it…

 Here are our Acid Queen Jewelry inspired ways to create a manifestation practice with your Crystal Ball Pendulum Necklace:

  1. Focus: While holding your necklace, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Allow this to clear your mind and be open to receiving messages and sparks of inspiration that are trying to come through to you.
  2. Visualize: As you hold your charmed sphere, visualize the intention you wish to manifest. As you twirl the Clear Quartz in your fingertips, sink into the feeling that what you desire is already done.
  3. Affirmation: Speak a positive affirmation of your manifestations aloud while spinning the crystal ball, what do you want to receive, what brings you true happiness? Remember that with each spin, what you want is already yours!

Use Divination to Support Your Manifestation Practice

When manifesting, it's important to remember to bring in your guides, invite them to answer questions and take inspired action to move yourself and your vibration toward your desired manifestation.

Divination can serve your manifestation practice and provide mystical guidance when needed!

  1. Clear Your Space: Use visualization, your breath, music, or smoke to clear your Crystal Ball Pendulum Necklace and the space around you. Set an intention that only the truest and highest good will come from this divination ritual.
  2. Prepare Your Questions: Think of the few questions you’d like to ask your Crystal Ball now; they can relate to your manifestations or anything else you’d wish to have guidance on. It's easiest to focus on yes or no questions to start. 
  3. Prepare Your Crystal Ball: If you’re a seasoned dowser, you can go to step 4, but if you have yet to work with this crystal ball or any pendulum, it's important to get to know it! Start by holding the necklace by the chain asking the crystal ball for its unique signs for “yes” and “no”. This will help you interpret what the crystal ball is communicating with you during a divination practice. Hot Tip: When grounding down and determining which means yes or no, start with stating something untrue and then something is true- continue this until you have a good understanding of which is which.
  4. Pendulum Divination: While holding the chain of the crystal ball necklace, ensure there is enough room for the crystal ball to swing. Speak your question aloud and observe the pendulum’s movement. The direction, and swinging pattern can provide insightful answers to your question!
  5. Journaling: Working with your crystal ball is a process; keeping a journal of your manifestations, questions, and how your enchanted necklace responds will help to deepen your relationship with your desires!

This handcrafted sterling silver necklace contains a spin-able Clear Quartz stone. It looks as if it is only a beautiful statement necklace, but when you drape yourself in this, you're secretly adorned with one of the oldest forms of magic!

The use of Clear Quartz within this piece is extremely intentional; this stone has properties that enhance and strengthen your aura. Clear Quartz is known for its ability to amplify energies and intentions. When it comes to manifestation and seeking clarity, Clear Quartz is the stone you want to work with!

If you desire to add a piece to your collection that is a bridge to the mystical, filled with deep rich history, and acts as a functional design made for manifestation and divination, this necklace was created for you!

Whether you’re manifesting abundance into your life or seeking divine guidance from your spirit guides, we hope you embrace the power of the crystal ball and let the wonder of magic unfold every time you wear it.

July 11, 2024 — Alex Camacho