We're so excited to introduce a new series we will be doing in our Blogs and emails! It's called "What's in the stars" and will feature a monthly astrological forecast from our new "in house" Astrologer Emily Greene. We met each other many years ago while I was living in Baltimore and at the time, we were both were very different people still learning ourselves and coming in our own magic. 

While we're now much further in physical distance, I feel as though we are closer in our approach and views on the world. I recently had my natal chart read by her and it was one of the most unexpected and profound readings i've had. The reading not only revealed and solidified truths to me, but also brought to light feelings and emotions I had pushed to the back that finally deserved recognition. 

Doing work on ourselves is not always easy, but it allows us the ability to energetically uplift ourselves to a new space, if it's what's needed. But enough about me! I would love to introduce Emily to you and what's in store for May!

Emily Greene is a professionally trained, modern astrologer from Baltimore, Maryland, where she lives with her husband and dog. 

Her perspective and trainings are rooted in Carl Jung's philosophy and psychological concepts of the shadow-self. 

She offers a variety of readings which can be found at: www.rebelvenusastrology.com

or, through her Instagram at @rebel_venus_astrology.



May begins with the fixed earth energy of Taurus season; the sign most spiritually connected to healing crystals and earth minerals. During this season we push ahead with controlled, practical steps that stabilize our momentum forward. This is the energy of sustainability, building foundations that can stand the test of time while connecting us to the divinity and grounding that nature has to offer. 

On May 2nd, Venus enters Aries, and influences us to approach love, values and finances with confident determination and passion. However, this is a short- lived transit as Venus moves into Taurus by May 28th, slowing down the pace of energy and focusing our sights on long- term relationships, sensual experiences and financial goals. 

Jupiter, the planet of abundance enters Aries on May 10th and brings with it an energy of luck, vitality and a glass half-full mentality. On the same day, Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini until June 3rd. Expect delays, mishaps and communication breakdowns to pinpoint areas of your life that require you to slow down and re-evaluate. Backup your computers and devices!

Did I mention that we are in the throes of eclipse season? On May 16th we experienced the Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, piggybacking off of the Taurus New Moon, Partial Solar eclipse that happened on April 30th. Eclipses are super-powered lunar events that bring forth karmic events that set the tone and unfold over the next 6 months. If a crisis occurs, do not be afraid or try to fight it. Remember, these events are destined. 

On May 20th we welcome in the mutable air energy of Gemini Season. We are communicative, adaptable and approach the world with enthusiastic curiosity. The headiness of the energy can bring some inconsistency and trouble with decision making. On May 24th, Mars, the planet of action enters its modern ruling sign of Aries, and BAM, you’re on fucking fire. Your motivation (and impulsiveness) charges full steam ahead. 

May closes out with a New Moon in Gemini that focuses on connections and communication. When the moon is dark, it’s time to reflect inward as we focus on planting the seeds of intention and manifestation for a new lunar cycle. Spring is the season for new creation, cycles and chapters. As we witness the changing of seasons in the nature around us, we are reminded of how the seasons and cycles of our own human experience follow suit.


Stones and Crystals Associated with Taurus Season - Please note that most of the pieces featured have been sold- but be on the lookout for new OOAK pieces featuring these stones

Green jade sterling silver ring by acid queen jewelry

Green Jade is an excellent stone for Taurus Season. It's strong, durable, and work well for improving harmony. Jades are crystals for protection. They work especially well for any risk-seeking Taurus as it staves away misfortune. 

Rhodonites are rose colored stones and are closely related to Rhodochrosite.They are widely used to heal emotional damage. Rhodonite will heal wounds from the past and help you regain inner balance and nurture any lost potential. 

Carnelians give us motivation and endurance as well as provide feelings of joy and happiness. In times of antiquity, people used Carnelians to overcome shyness and anxiety in social situations. Carnelians are the stone of choice for singers.

Crescent moon carnelian earrings from acid Queen jewelry
Lapis Lazuli is a premier crystal of truth and self-expression. It encourages self-discovery and reveals inner truths about yourself. It will help you come to terms with things you’ve repressed and remove any unease that haunts you from your past. 
Lapis Lazuli Voyager Necklace by Acid Queen Jewelry
May 02, 2022 — Alex Camacho