After a hectic but inspiring Aries Season that closed out with  a New Moon Solar Eclipse, just moments before the Sun enters Taurus, the Season of the bull launches us into an equally auspicious energy, as we move into the heart of Eclipse Season. While this is a notoriously unpredictable time of year, this slow- moving earth sign offers us a chance to become more deliberate with how we utilize our energy. While things around us may appear to be happening at a fast pace, it’s our deliberation of action towards them that will be reducing in speed. 

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The slow-down is felt almost immediately as Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Taurus on April 21st, just one day into Taurus Season. Throughout this period, the Rx energy asks that we slow our roll when it comes to matters of decision making, communication and finances, to ensure that we pay attention to practical matters of our life that need revisiting, redoing, revamping and recalibrating, until the planet turns direct on May 14th. 

Throughout Aries Season we worked with cardinal fire, an enterprising energy that excelled in the initiation of energy which was perfect for being proactive in our approach to get things off the ground. Now, as Aries passes the torch to Taurus, we move forward into the energy of fixed earth, and direct our focus towards building stable foundations for the new beginnings that are already in progress. Where fire energy lights the spark of passion that’s necessary for creation, earth energy grounds us, helping us target our aims towards the practical matters that can help these ideas monetize and grow in the material world.

With Mars operating from a notoriously challenging placement in Cancer,

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Mercury in Retrograde and the Sun in slow-moving Taurus, much of this season is about maintaining our vitality levels, which is why quality over quantity is an important motto to embrace. Until May 14th, you may find yourself having a harder time finding your “grind”, which can be a reminder that this month has a strong work hard - relax hard, type of energy. Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, the planet that represents love, beauty, emotional attachments and finances. In this pleasure- seeking season, it’s important to remember that downtime is a vital factor in how we maintain a determined mindset towards our long- term goals. What is the point of working diligently if we don’t take the time to indulge in the luxuries of life? Taurus Season is about setting ourselves up for the long game, so it’s essential that we allow ourselves the moments to remind us why we do it in the first place.  

On May 5th the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse illuminates the sky at 14º Scorpio and plays off of ongoing storylines that began in November 2021. On the Scorpio/Taurus axis, themes surrounding the areas of life that require transformational energy such as, our attachments, finances, self-worth, shared assets and personal values are once again subject to fated happenings. The power of this lunation reveals imbalances surrounding how these themes have either held us back or pushed us forward, as they continue to play out over the next 6-months. With Uranus sitting in close opposition to the Moon, some may experience sudden changes or liberation from something that once felt secure, while others receive destined communication. For me personally, I do not recommend working with manifestation rituals or launching new projects during Eclipses, as this energy is highly unpredictable. Instead, use this energy for rest, reflection and self-care. Eclipses are not something to be labeled as “bad” or “good”, they more so serve as course corrections, which vary in impact depending on the individual. 

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In Aries Season we embodied the energy of the Ram; utilizing big bursts of energy that pushed through barriers and broke new ground as we carved out innovative paths of direction with sheer force and impassioned risk taking. Now, as we embrace the season of the bull, it’s time to focus on maintaining the energy of the previous month’s creations with patience, perseverance and stubbornness, in a way that enables our ability to design something dependable and built for the long term. Slowly and steadily, we harness the Taurean energy of the builder, intentionally laying the foundation of our manifestations, one brick at a time. Where Aries Season wanted quick action and instant gratification, Taurus Season wants gradual gains that focus on longevity. 

Just like the Hierophant, the tarot card that embodies the highest vibration of Taurus’s energy, this Venusian earth sign represents the creativity and pleasure that can be found in the material world, when the moral code of personal values is upheld. In Taurus Season, connection to nature is a gateway to spirituality, as well as the antidote to working through creative blockages brought on by the mundaneness of the everyday grind. Spending time in nature not only reconnects you to the magic of earth energy, but it will also help you recharge and ground your energy. If you are looking to invest in a new crystal, Taurus Season is the perfect time to do so, as this energy is known for having special connections to healing stones. 

For the first time in 12- years, Jupiter, the benefic planet that is notorious for leaving gifts, enters Taurus on May 16th, remaining here until May 2024. For Taurus Sun’s, Risings, and natives of Jupiter in Taurus, this is amazing news, as these specific placements are likely to see the direct benefits of this lucky, expansive energy over the next year. The house where Taurus is located in your natal chart, can offer insight as to what area of life you can expect Jupiter’s positive influence. 

As Taurus Season begins to close out, the New Moon in 28º Taurus occurs on

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May 21st, and prompts the beginning of a new 28-day lunar cycle. With the Moon in one of her favorable signs, this lunation arrives on a wave of motivational energy that encourages the forward movement towards our stability, plans and material goals. When it comes to the prominent, foundational aspects of our lives, there is a need to go inward and reflect on crucial decisions that need to be addressed. While this refreshing inspirational drive can feel really good, it’s accompanied by some tension induced fears that can bring on some challenging, energetic themes. With Eclipse energy still present, this is a good time to reflect and take stock of where you are with your goals, especially as it pertains to your self-worth, finances and personal security. 

The best way to understand the essence of Taurus is by comparing it to a garden. The seeds we planted during Aries Season have just begun to emerge but in order to secure their survival, they require diligent care. Through consistency and sense of duty, we put in the day-to-day work to encourage the growth and development of sturdy roots. While the process can feel slow and monotonous, the foundation of the plant creates a resilience below the surface that is capable of weathering the storms throughout the season. Even if parts of the stalk become damaged, the integrity of the roots maintain its ability to bounce back. 

This Season focuses on stabilizing the foundational roots of your own life. This way, when the storms of your own life roll through, you can feel security in knowing that what you built is strong enough to handle the blows.

 Happy Birthday Taurus!

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April 24, 2023 — Alex Camacho