When it comes to marketing, there are so many ways we small businesses try to get our brands in front of new people. But for me it’s more than just that, it’s about creating a community, providing valuable content, inspiration, and uplifting whenever I can. So when I was thinking about doing an ‘influencer marketing’ campaign it was only natural to come up with something that did just that.

‘Live in Your Magic’ is more than a marketing tool for me, it’s a way to collaborate, share, and celebrate the magic within. Showing that how we create, what makes us our best.. can look different for everyone. In a world where social media is constantly making us feel like we’re not enough, my goal is to meet you where you’re at and remind you that we all have that magic inside us. Staying true to yourselves and doing what serves YOU in life is the number one way to support your goals. By sharing the journeys of other strong females, my hope is show you that there is not just one path to success, YOUR path is the right one, and by stying true to ourselves... that's where the magic begins.

Our April LIYM feature is Jen Dodaro of Ritualust. She is a writer, relationship coach, and Digital Marketing content creator. We have been friends for quite a number of years and I have loved watching her grow and build to where she is today. Her journey shows that where we end up is not always where we planned to be. We are not bound by one interest or one job and we have the ability to mold what our lives look like and what we offer to the world.

Read more from Jen:

"The name RituaLust was actually born from a core idea of living in your desire. And that Ritual based in desire, passion, and therefore directly inspiring creative flow, is not just a practice but a way of being, and THIS IS what it means to live in your magic. I was a counselor and probation officer for many many years, it felt disconnected and it never felt completely fulfilling until I left that career to dive further into helping people connect to themselves on much deeper levels. The root of what it means to be, purposeful living in life. Consciousness.

I furthered my studies in sexuality and relationship coaching starting in 2018, as it spoke deeply and very personal to me. I learned countless practices and developed more rituals to help people connect to themselves, to their partners/potential partners and live a much more conscious way of life and expression that is connected to what they want.

RituaLust is 'a brand empowering you to create a life you love and a lust for the ride.' Although I resonate greatly with conscious folks in the motorcycle community as I often use motorcycles as a tool to connect to deeper self, it extends to something much bigger than this. Personally, I’ve integrated ritual practice in my way of living that is also influenced by my Italian culture which is heavily about protection. I have always felt energies of elements together since I remember being a child, and wielding those energies together for different purposes. Part of my protection ritual is wearing my magic. 

Every time I set out to get on my motorcycle, I gear up. This includes putting on my protective elements, which includes my jewelry, amongst other things. The ritual of protection is deeply personal to me and integrated In practices that I share with my coaching clients who can tell you, they deeply believe in the divine protection of not just this practice, but a way of life."

Jen's work is so fascinating to me and I love the way she has combined her passions to create an offering that is truly unique to her. Protection, both physically and psychically is so important to our very being. You know what they say on the plane... "put your mask on first before helping others". There's a reason for that.. and it's not being selfish. We have to make sure we're good first, otherwise we will never be able to be our best for others. 

Acid Queen Live in your magic blog featuring Jen Dodaro

Where to find Jen:

IG:  @_ritualust_ 

Website: https://ritualust.com/

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May 04, 2023 — Alex Camacho